No US coverage in 2007?

Comcast Sportsnet West has removed the CFL from their schedule and there is nothing listed on this site as to where we get the games down here for 2007.

The season starts in month or so. What gives?

PLEASE don't tell me we will only be able to get games via the Windows-only webcast. That would truly and totally blow.

Start huffing and puffing....!?

I wouldn't fret too much. They usually don't get the U.S. broadcasts sorted out until the season starts, then it usually takes the CFL a few weeks into the season to update their website to let fans know when the games are on. Hopefully they will at least have similar coverage to last season. Too bad they couldn't find a national cable channel, even the Outdoor Network like the NHL, so U.S. fans would know where to find the games.

The schedule should be out next month just before the season starts.

The CFL has been working for more than a decade to get coverage for their games stateside. They're not about to throw in the towel.

Just be patient, ok?

Ok will do. Sorry I panicked. I'm just getting antsy for some football =D

Thanks for the reassuring comments!

Just know when the games are on, make sure to have a good cable/dish package for June 28th and start channel surfing. lol

Not a problem.

I’m pretty sure Comcast SportsNet West will air the games. They provided the best live Grey Cup coverage.

There is only one channel that carries CFL games here and that’s Comcast Sportnet. I can’t use a dish 'cause I’m blocked to the South.

Comcast isn’t the greatest but at least they carry some games. Their biggest problem is scheduling games then not showing them. That happened several times last year. There were also a number of gameless weekends :frowning:

Check out Altitude sports network. They have the broadcast schedule posted on their website. Its a lot of cfl games for 2007.

You forgot the link:

Looks like Friday Night Football will be available only on Specialty HDTV Cable...

Same as last year. You have to have Dishnetwork. Don't know why the CFL would limit their exposure like that..but we don't make the choices.

not that many people get it but still better then nothing.
It is 2.7M out of parts of 10 not so populated states. Mainly colorado which it has full regional coverage of the Avs(72 out of 82 games, other 10 are national games)
so if it's good enough for the Avs and Nuggets for Rocky mountain area coverage should be good enough for the CFL.

I found this on Altitudes web site...

I know the network is available on Directv and i think Dishnetwork. sure to save a copy of this schedule and be ready to throw it back in their face. Last season i complained to them many times because they would choose to not broadcast a game, even though it was on their schedule, and instead show something as idiotic as Bass Fishing! ( not kidding).

I missed at least six or seven games last year because of that. They tried to blame the parent company "Trajectory Sports" but they have nothing to do with it. In the end each induvidual network apparently decides itself what is more important to show.

Well Comcast Sportsnet West has posted its CFL shedule, and there's good news and bad news for viewers in the Bay Area.

The good news is that there is a full slate of games with three games a week through August!

The bad news is that there are NO games at all after August (yet) :frowning:

And I can't watch streaming from this site cause it's windows only :~(


I can sort of understand since the CFL is quite popular here until the NFL starts. I kind of wish the CFL would start about two months earlier though, so the playoffs would be finishing up when the NFL season opens. Oh well. At least I get to watch half the season this year. My Raiders season tickets will have to fill the void in the fall.

On a happier note, my Eskies jersey finally came through and has been shipped! /woot

The schedule posted is generic; not only will CSN-West not air every game listed, the Friday game is doubtful because WorldSport HD, if it climbs onboard again for this season, will have exclusive rights to the Friday night game (on doubleheader Friday it's just the first game).

The bad news is that there are NO games at all after August (yet).

I can sort of understand since the CFL is quite popular here until the NFL starts. I kind of wish the CFL would start about two months earlier though, so the playoffs would be finishing up when the NFL season opens.

The reason for no list after 03 September is due to the following posted on their site:

Games selected in September, October and November may change due to college football obligations, different games may be selected or air on a tape delay basis.

The same was true last year; however, they were good about airing the Grey Cup game live. I'm hopeful they'll do the same this year.

I hope so too.

Last year they scheduled games through November but it was a bit spotty with games being bumped and shown off-schedule and what not. They must have gotten some complaints about that - I know it was pretty annoying.

I just hope it's a decent amount of games what ever they decide to show.

I had Altitude last year with Direct TV, but switched to Dish (SD only). I thought I would get Altitude through Dish, but Dish only allows it if you live in Altitudes region. :roll: Is there anyone out there who has Dish, and lives outside of Altitude's region, who can vouch for Dish providing CFL coverage? Does it go through the RSNs? PS I'm in Minnesota.

^ You need to get the Multi Sports Pack that gives you access to all the RSN's, then you'll be set. Altitude or someone will be carrying a game :]

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