No urgency from Rider offence.

The Riders came into the game saying that they were in playoff mode. Well it sure didn't look like it on Saturday. They completly got away from their bread and butter, the run. Passed on the majority of plays, which was not working. This was partly because the passing plays that were called are foarmed off running plays like the hitch passes and screenes. Then when they decide to run in 4th quarter, they run on second and 8 and get stuffed by eight men in the box. It almost seemed like they were satisfied getting a field goal on the play. I don't know what Marcell was thinking today, but he should be fired. Its not just because of todays game, but the majority of the year he has not been able to run an offence with some great talent. You can't say the defence lost it or McCallum or even the refs, it was an ineffective offence. It sure didn't look like an urgent Rider offence to me.

whats with Karston Baily he cant even finish running his routes? ? ?
he shouldnt even be on the team

Bailey seems to be on a short rope with fans. :?

You're defence was fantastic today; however, your offence seemed to have trouble moving the ball and putting together a lengthy drive.

The ESKS stuffed all aspects of your offense. Crandell threw fro just over 100 yards (and did not get that until late in the game) and none of your running backs gained more then 50 yards. Special teams is what kept you guys in the game. Holmes proved once again that he is the second best returner in the league. Before you completely blame the offense look at what the opposing defense did against all aspects of your offense.

To be fair, except for that ugly performance against Hamilton the Eskimo defense has been VERY stingy in the last few weeks.

And esks123 has a point - special teams are what gave the Riders a chance to win.

can’t blaim the offense at all, it was a defensive battle all night. We knew the Eskies could stop the run most of the time, and the pass game didn’t work out as well. I’m not ready to give up on the offense yet, or call for anyones head. A little more practice on the passing game and perhaps practice the deep ball a bit more and we would have a fairly deadly offense.

Both teams were playing playoff calibre, Edmonton just wanted it more.

Should we form a lynch mob and chase Marcel out of town then? We are pretty much out of options here. One thing for sure we need to get things turned around for the playoffs and fast. It is great to play awesomely exciting and evenly matched games that end with your team on their knees holding hands praying, but when you lose them at this point in the season it does not bode well.

Team Unity, thats one other thing that i really liked to see. I know they will be practicing really hard this week. If they lose the last 2 games, i will also hit the panic button but not yet.

in the offseaon there should be some changes but not this late in the season.

I was at yesterday’s game and do not understand why Szarka was not used. Given the way the game unfolded today we should have had him in there bashing up the middle, he wears the opposition down. The Riders without a doubt have the best O line, and the best 1-2-3 punch of running backs in the league…why are we not playing to our strength? I know the Esks have a very good defense but if they had to face that train coming thru the line they’d be burning out just in time for a KK break away run. Coaching is holding back a very good team and must be frustrating the players!

ya after this season i derfinatly want to see a change in the offense co-ordinator, Marcel just dosn't seem to be creative enough. If i can guess what will happen on short yardage, then definatly the defense will be able too and will "cheat" to stop it. It seems to be the same plays over and over.

Hall is doing a great job with the defense, I honestly think if we can fix the offense and they are on the field longer the defense won't be tired by the end of the game and won't blow up.

Who was OC here in 2003?

umm wasn't it Bellefeuille?(sp)

So we all agree that Bellefeulle has to go, and Bailey has to go, but I will be willing to bet you that when Matt comes back into the lineup, Danny Barrett will take out Richardson, because that is the kind of coach he is. I agree Hall is doing a good job with the defence, but he always likes to go with a three man rush in key situations. If any quarterback is given that much time, he will find a receiver, that is how Edmonton marched down the field on the first drive, because they were playing a zone, even though they have the best secondary in the league.

Hmm what's wrong with Marcel then? We got the job done good in 03.

wish i knew…I just hope he’s holding back a few plays for the playoffs…and if he is, now would be a great time to start pulling a few out so we actually make the playoffs.

The way BC is playing, I really want us to stay here in the west. We can crush BC in BC Place for the semi final, and then the west final in Edmonton will be another classic.

Ya the way BC has been playing as of late I think the East would actually be the harder route right now.

Marcel got the job after Danny gave it up. Do you not remeber how bad Our offence was when Danny was calling the plays??

But I agree that he does need tomix it up a lot more.
And Bailey should not be on the team. he is fast, but it doesn't matter how fast you are if you don't use it.

well right now on second and short they will expect the maybe it will work in our favour if we go play-action on second and short now. If it dosn't happen then a full year of establishing the run on second and short would go down the drain. When Dominguez is back i expect the play for sure as is the most likely to catch the pass.