No TV AGAIN for next GAME - Winnipeg

Gades are the most entertaining and surprise of this season and again no TV for the next game vs Winnipeg.


hopefully tsn will pick up the game

The Winnipeg game wasn’t supposed to be Televised in the Lower 48 but somehow it was…maybe the same will be done this next week…

We are getting about 3 or 4 Canadian Football games per Week....Last year we were only getting about one CFL Game per Week.....Really enjoying the games this year....

For sure. Sucks to be an Ottawa fan if the game isn't televised. But, I will probably be going to this game on the 19th of August. Friday night. :smiley: GO BOMBERS!

thats like the 3rd game that untelivised for ottawa. and theres still a couple to come for ottawa. must suck to be an ottawa fan, especially since the gades don't suck anymore