No Tuck Rule

So obviously the CFL has no Tuck Rule because in the NFL that second Ti Cat touchdown would have been called back. One more reason the CFL is better than the NFL.

Now if they just handed out penalties for QB's throwing the ball in the stands or in the sidelines when pressured it would be even better.

I'm starting the clock on the Bombers elimination. It's just men against boys out there right now...

49:22 and bye bye Blue....

Someone explain to me how it's not intentional grounding when you throw the ball 15 rows into the stands. :roll:

45 minutes till Winnipeg is officially eliminated... :rockin:

Exactly. Want to spare the contact fine but the ball should be brought back 5 to 10 yards just like if he took the sack.

About 26 hours till Hamilton is officially eliminated. :cowboy: :thup: :twisted:

:roll: Math not your strong suit, is it?

I don't think Joey Elliot is the sharpest knife in the drawer.

He throws an interception but is lucky to have it waved off because of a Bomber offside, then he throws the same pass again with the same result... :lol:

Nothing wrong with my math, Toronto beats Saskatchewan, Edmonton beats Montreal. Unless I have the time wrong, Hamilton is gonzo.

Thank you Williams

Yeah, basically everything, while it is theoretically possible that Edmonton beats Montreal at McGill, you don't honestly believe Toronto can win in Regina...

36:44 till the Bombers become the first team eliminated...

It's not your math that's wrong it's your crystal ball. No way the boat people beat the Riders. Second place will be decided next week if Hamilton wins today and as my crystal ball has been saying for at least 10 days Hamilton 2nd the Argos 3rd and Edmonton takes the crossover.

4:49 till the Bombers are done...

3 minutes til it's offical but I'm calling it...

Is that your wife. Wow she's a keeper! :smiley:

I think it is very possible for Toronto to beat Saskatchewan. This is a meaningless game for the Riders and deep down inside, I would think the Riders would rather be playing in the East. As for Edmonton winning in Montreal, not saying the Al's will mail it in but a lot of veterans will have a short day since again it is a meaningless game for the Al's.

What do you know that the rest of us don't? Tressman never rest very many of his starters and especially not AC. Full Als line up for 4 quarters.