No TSN4 this week either

Just some advance notice that Friday's game vs Calgary is only on TSN1,3 & 5.
Because there's a stupid maple laffs game on TSN4.

It's okay for me as I am a STH. Not so good for other fans, of course. :x

Not trying to be smart here just challenged I guess. I thought everyone got all TSN channels. If not and people cannot see the games wouldn't that make the sponsors a little upset?

They're trying to get you to purchase more channels. $$$$$


On Bell TSN1,3,4,5 are all in the most basic package, TSN2 is in a higher tier.

On most other companies the most basic package that includes TSN will only get you the regional TSN for your area (here TSN4) and maybe TSN2, and you need a higher tier package to get the rest.
Although on Cogeco in this area the lowest package that includes TSN4 also includes TSN5 (according to their website).

Yes some get all stations that will show this game but unfortunately for my 93 year old Grandmother who is a life long Tiger-Cats fan and who could tell you guys stories way beyond most of your times as a fan cannot watch this game as she only receives TSN4 at her nursing home. This has happened a few times this year!

I have been very disappointed in the way TSN has handled the scheduling this year, they paid millions to have the broadcasting rights and they are terrible. No wonder TSN lost the NHL contract to Sportsnet.

The disappointing part about all this is that the NHL has not even started the regular season yet. Why can't they bump the Leafs to another one of their stations and let TSN4(main station) play the CFL game.

I have sent multiple emails to TSN and have got no response from them. Don't know any other options at this point :x :x :x

Actually losing the NHL contract to Sportsnet is one of the reasons they split TSN into multiple feeds in the first place.
They regional rights to the Jets, Senators, and laffs, so they split their feed in order to have regional channels to show those games on. The laffs game can only be on TSN4 because that's the reason the channel even exists. It can only be shown in Southern Ontario and will be blacked out to the rest of the country.

Right. We were recently looking at trying to scale back some of our cable package but with Rogers (in our area) you either have basic (1 TSN I think) or you take a package that includes plenty of stations that we never look at in order to get the few that we do like to watch. It's either basic or "pay through the nose" with no middle ground simply to make money :x

There is the option of watching the game online if people don't have all the TSN channels -easier if you have a lap top - but that sure isn't going to help a 93 year old fan in a nursing home who's only option is to try to listen to the game on the radio.

Wasn't there some legislation proposed recently giving consumers the ability to pick and choose channels rather than having to buy a large package to get a few prefered stations?

There was but the cable/satellite companies have about a year or more to comply so it won't be until some time next year when "pick and pay" comes into effect and I don't think that there is anything in the legislation that keeps the companies from still putting packages of channels together. My guess is that they'll make it so expensive to choose a few channels that it will almost be cheaper to stick with the bigger packages. Guess we'll find out when it eventually kicks in.

So why don't you treat her and pay the extra $5 or $10 a month so her nursing home can get all TSN channels ? ??

I would absolutely love to do that for her, unfortunately at her nursing home they are given certain channels that they receive. We were more than willing to get her own cable in there but the nursing home doesn't allow it. She only gets the local TSN station which is TSN4.

This isn't as big an issue as people make it seem.
All Hamilton cable/Satellite companies have the option of TSN 1-5. Earlier this year Rogers Mountain Cable didn't have the extra channels 1, 3 and 5. only 1 and 4 but since then they have added them.
If you want the 5 channels and live in Hamilton you have the ability. (With Rogers Mountain or Source, Bell, Cogeco or Shaw direct).
Nowadays you can change your cable package at any time without penalty, so if you want to ensure you have access to all of TSNs networks, change your package and get all 5 channels and change it back next month, many of the providers will work through it with you and offer free previews, bill credits, etc. Then change it back after the season. If you don't want to pay a penny more, theres a chance you will miss something. TSN pays huge money for things like Nascar, NCAA football, Tennis and Golf major championships, etc. There going to be conflict.
There are few situations like the ones mentioned (nursing homes, ect) but overall pretty much everybody has the ability to receive all 5 channels.
I don't get MLB TV, I don't get the BIG 10 Network, if I want them I have to switch my provider. Its that simple.

And just some perspective, there was a time not so long ago when a leafs game would mean the game isn't televised at all. We have it pretty good, every game is televised and available in HD. In the NFL if you want every game its $250.

The problem with the Cats game not being on TSN4 and the Leafs being there instead - it means all kinds of people looking for sports to watch will by routine go to check the listings on TSN and Sportsnet. If they've got Cogeco - which much of the Hamilton area does TSN4HD - on 730 will have the Leafs. 731 will have a non-Jay MLB game on TSN2HD and 732 - 735 - the four main Sportsnet channels will have the Jays at Tampa game.

If they want to find the Cats game - they are going to have to scroll all the way up to 860 above WWE TV, above Nickleodeon, above Tree Tv, above Life TV, Rewind TV, Slice TV, Cosmo, AUX HD, CMT HD etc. In other words up in the area of the guide listings you rarely get to if you see something you might want to watch in the 700's and low 800 channels.

I suspect both the Jays and Leafs preseason game as a result will both kill the Ti-Cats game in ratings in this neck of the woods.

If I was the Cats and the CFL - I would not be happy with that.

So really, it should be Cogeco that fixes their channel lineup to bring the TSN channels together.

I get all the channels but Rogers is taking over my area. Looks like I will be dumping cable and going to an Android TV box. Streaming with all the channels. More than one way to skin a cat.

Now confirmed by the TiCats

Hamilton Tiger-CatsVerified account ?@Ticats 10m10 minutes ago
Programming Alert: Tonight's #Ticats and @calstampeders will air on @TSN_Sports 1, 3 and 5 tonight. Pre-game coverage begins at 7:00 PM EST.

I just dumped Bell. so officially I get 0 tsn channels.

have to find a way to get the away games now.

For the remainder of the CFL season there should only be two more CFL game dates that will carry the Leafs on TSN4, October 16 and November 6.
Leaf dates on TSN4 during the balance of CFL season are set as 10/2, 10/16,10/26,11/6,11/12,11/17,11/23, 12/3.