No TSN HD for BC game ??

I was wondering if anybody else noticed this . After watching the great TICAT victory .... i was hungry for more football and wanted to watch the BC / Edm game . I contacted Starchoice and they said it was the league's decision to blackout the HD feed but they did show it on reg TSN . I live in edmonton and this is the third time i have noticed a home game in BC . Sask . and Calgary has been blacked out in the HD feed ( but they show it on reg TSN ) ????

Does anybody have any insight into this ??

No insights, but it happens a lot with Western teams.

My absolute favourite part is when they substitute POKER for football.

Since when is poker a sport? What kind of physical training do you need? Is a paper cut a career-ending injury?

Not a sport! No relevance on TSN!!

The game was not offered in HD last night, so you tune to channel 400 on Starchoice to watch it in regular standard definition.

Starchoice often does this to keep the game on one channel.

When the game is offered in HD they always do show it on TSNHD.

Check TSN's broadcast schedule to see which games are in HD and which ones arent.

The BC game was not broadcast in HD although even in QC they said the game was blacked out but was show on the Reg TSN channel