No trolling please.... got something derogatory to say to the EE fans for missing the playoffs take it to the main forum, anything trashy in here will be deleted....EE fans are welcome to say whatever they want of course, keeping it in the family so to speak...



Oh paleeese, a little thinned skinned aren't we? As you must have noted in my post I did mention that I too was dissapointed when the 34 year streak ended. I can't DO anything about that, but taking a few ood natured shots at a rival, c'mon does that merit deleting posts? is the Iran we live in here.

I happen to live in St.Albert and the only time I get to watch my Stamps plays is when I'm surrounded by Eskimo fans (excellent seats by the way) and after years of watching my Stamps lose the close ones to the Esks its hard not to rub it in a little (record not with standing of course), so lighten up, its only a little good natured ribbing.

Then take it to the main forum.

Where we all can enjoy it! :wink:

What a joke. Do we live in China or something?

No we live in Canada where we have rules!
Dont like it?
Call someone who cares!

Well we sure wouldn't want to have someone making fun of the Eskimoes, that would be a tragedy. Stick to watching out for swearing and such instead of being a babysitter. We are big people here and can take a little razzing. Don't like my attitude? I guess the feeling would be mutual.

Take it from me...I tried my hand as a Troll and believe you me, I got slapped around silly by the Knights of the round table Mods...

Seriously... I think its a great rule..nothing worse than someone coming over and taunting you on your designated fan site.

You know what, rjb? You can make fun of the Esks all you want to.....just keep it on the main forum, or in your own.....I'm not sure what part of this concept is offensive to you.....

I wonder what part of "MAIN FORUM" he does not understand!

I think after 34 years of making it in the playoffs because of crappy Rider and Stamp teams over and over and then the Riders sucking so many years straight, that We should all be allowed to say whatever we want here and they have to take it! experience for once what it feels like to be the worst team in the west!

you get no special privledges just cause you're the Eskimos!

No special privileges cause they are the Eskimos.
No special privileges cause your not!

This is funny, all of the above are back and forth about being nice to esk fans in their forum but there are no esk fans on here so far. I guess they are still

Nope, have your fun. Were disapointed but not angry. It's been a good run. You know what, I guess it is easy being benevolent and gracious when we've been on top all these years. Like it or not, most Edmonton fans will be cheering for one of the Western teams at the Grey Cup. Even though many of the fans of these teams don't warrant the support.

Let the insults begin, It doesn't bother me nor should it any true EE fan, We should all be extramly proud, no other team in any professonal league comes close to this record, even in a 8 team league the EE will rise to conquor again, The insults will just add fuel to our fire .

For me it's just that there is nothing about this team to debate about. The team blew early and often, and the deficiencies here are numerous and obvious:

Qb Good for the most part, but
Team too old
Questionable management
Questionable coaching
Questionable O. Scheme
Questionable Secondary
Lack of Mental Motivation or Mental Discipline
Lack of Emotion

So really for me there is nothing to talk about, there's no football debate about how this happened for me. Not gonna just whine about missing the playoffs, see no point in butting heads with non-esks fans, just hoping the situation brings some of the players and maagement some hunger for next year.

Thanks for coming out, rjb. I guess when your team hasn't won anything since the 1980's, you got nothing better to do than come into the forum of another team, and take pot shots, eh? Here's hoping that when your team snaps their impressive 17 year streak of no Grey Cup, there will be something worthwhile in the riders forum to talk about to occupy your time, and perhaps give you a semblance of a life.

Alas, I think we both know that that won't be happening for a few years. Sigh. :roll: :roll: :roll:

No trolling, huh?
Does singing count?

"I'd rather be a Rider than a bloody Eskimo..."

Anyway, just to add a moment of seriousness to the debate (thereby avoiding the troll label altogether),the 'Smos missed the playoffs because, for once, in a rebuilding year, the competition didn't gift wrap you a play-off spot.
Your o-line is brutal, and your receivers are old.
AJ Gass has to be the most overrated middle linebacker in the league and for sure the worst one Edmonton has had in 30 years.
Even though you won the Cup last year, the fraying around the edges was already very obvious.
This year, the cloth just unravelled.

I think Dancin' Danny actually did a pretty good job coaching a team that is not as talented as they and the media believe and that he will in fact be back next year.