No trade for Ricky Ray

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R. Ray stays with Edmonton.

Yes, I hope this puts an end to the ridiculous trade speculation.

Ridiculous, no.Annoying, probably.

I can't seem to find the part of that link that states there is a no trade clause involved in the contract. :?

Taleback; There was/were rumours going around in articles by sports writers that Ray may get traded to Winnipeg/Toronto. I probably should have used a different set of words when I started the thread. In any case your are right about the no trade clause. Happy that R. Ray stays an Eskimo. Cheers

No problem. Was just wondering if there was in fact a clause that I hadn't heard about.
BTW, we are going to be in Campbell River for a hockey tourney weekend of April 8th. I assume the golf courses are in full swing by then. We are comming a day early to golf. Any suggestions on courses to play when we are there. We will probably play 3 times over the weekend, 3 different courses would be ideal.

I don’t golf but the golf courses in Campbell River are; Storey Creek, Sequoia Springs. Sunnydale: which half way from Courtney to Campbell River. In Comox there are a few, with the Elite course being Glacier Greens; which is a Premium Championship course. Not sure on prices mind you as you can bring courses up on the computer.

That's right no trade for him, so along with Chief's remarks about such ridiculous commentary, all those prying eyes and thieving hands of some fans of other teams can't have Ray just like I told them the whole off-season every time they came on here and took a shot at Ray in one of their many underhanded attempts to marginalise his true value. :stuck_out_tongue:

And now check out the article on him today via the home page. Ray is only 31 but sure looks older and can play older from the head up.

The real question here is not about any such ludicrous trade concoction attempted by those thieving, filthy hands of fans not satisfied with their quarterback. The real question for them lies rather with perhaps Ray's follicular challenges.

In NFL terms only because I don't know my CFL history yet, before too long will Ray's chosen hairdo emulate that of "The Great Bald One" Matt Hasselbeck, or will Ray opt instead for the Terry Bradshaw "Horseshoe-Do"?

Good question Paolo, but I would pick the Matt Hasselbeck look in the end. It's funny how some thread discussion gets off topic, but none the less I hope the Esk's and Ray have a successfull 2011 season.