no to joe as new coach

just my opinion but pao pao is not head coach material even more i feel he' a worse o/c.
id even prefer lancaster back to finish this season if marshall gets canned, a lot more talent than the 1-17 team now.
from there id bring n jacques chapdelaine as head coach next season along with danny mac as my o/c.

Winnpegs Greg Marshall.. Would be a Better Fit.. He will Lean on players who make Dumb Mistake..

Joe's offence is not good enough. Please do not expand his responsibilities. We are 1 game behind the Argos, gutting the team at this point makes little sense. We have played (poorly) one home game. Retooling will write off the rest of the year with 8 home games to go. The chairs/benches are uncomfortable when we are winning, and very painful when we are squirming. Not ready to throw in the towel just yet.

I'd like to know how everyone seems to know exactly what Marshall is or is not doing to motivate or punish players? Discipline, aside from actions we can see like being benched or cut, is something that rightly happens behind closed doors.

Hey Onknight,
It's "DISAPPOINTED", not DISPOINTED in your signature box...

And what are the "other" Greg Marshall's credentials that you keep harpin' about???

Why would he be a better fit???

Do tell...the suspense is killin' me.

Dave Ritchie seems to win for the most part.

Rich Stubler or the other Greg Marshall.

Is Clements busy?

The Players in Winnpeg Talked about how
They're Held Accountable for the Mistakes
with Coach Marshall..

There Seems to be None of That With our Current Coaching Staff..

again joe should not be considered. finish the season then if thngs haven't improved bring chapdelaine or danny mac next seasn to run the offence

A number of interesting candidates have been mentioned in this post like Greg Marshall, Stubler , Dave Ritchie and even Danny Mac to run the offence.... What about offering the position of head coach to Kent Austin after this season?

Why don't you get Dave Ritchie and Jacques Chapdelaine....the BC fans would love it.

Doug Flutie said he be interested in Coaching in the CFL

I agree with many of the general sentiments expressed regarding possible replacements at head coach. My short list would include:

Steve Burrato
Rich Stubler
Greg Marshall (Wpg)
Tom Clements
George Cortez
Jacques Chapdelaine

My personal preference would be Rich Stubler if he were made available. All the people on the list would be worthy candidates.

Regarding Doug Flutie: Doug has taken a lucrative position as a studio analyst on ABC/ESPN NCAA games this season. I wouldn’t rule him out of the mix if he were interested, but I am not sure whether he would be available.

Oski Wee Wee,