No Tigercats Depth chart out for July 28 vs Ottawa

Thought a depth chart had to come out, actually day before the game was mandatory?
As of 3:00 pm Friday nothing out yet… Is this MIA just like the CFL stats are? Or is it in secret mystery location ?

I’m hearing that the depth chart was undergoing a physical and apparently didn’t pass therefore the league is revoking and voiding our depth chart for this game tonight . Stayed tuned for further developments .


There was on on instagram yesterday.

I believe the rule is make it available to the league and the other team on time, not make it public. That’s up to team discretion IIRC.

Yeah, it was posted yesterday.

That’s fine and dandy but one has to wonder as to why it wasn’t or still isn’t posted on the team’s official website ?

It’s ALMOST like they don’t care…

I’m honestly beginning to believe that myself .

What happens with Davis tonight? He’s not on the roster. Is he injured or practice roster? He has to be somewhere, doesn’t he?

CFL limbo? Stuck in the metaverse? In transit?

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sounds like he’s out due to fatness.


He made the mistake of flying Swoop or Flair.
Or maybe riding the Via…

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