NO Ticats make final list of nominees

What a joke!!! No way in HELL that Anwar Stewart should get the nod over Markeith. I have now lost what little respect I had for those awards.

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I agree 100% with borehamgirl. Anwar Stewart is good but "Come On Man!" Knowlton has made game winning interceptions and tackles this year not for past good seasons. Stewart has had a good year but Markeith has had a great year. :smiley:
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7)

Somehow that song about rose coloured glasses keep running through my head. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am an Als' fan in addition to being a ticat fan. . . and I have to agree, this year it should have been Markeith.

The only finalists we need is the whole team in the Grey Cup game. :rockin:


How are you enjoyin' 3-15??
Are you going to the playoff game to see the blue team?? .... oh sorry, never mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL. . . good shot.

Let's not become like the Stampeders last year, whining about the lack of individual honours.

The league is really lacking in the star department when Reynolds is an MVP candidate and up against Toni who only threw 26tds. There's no clear cut stand out players in this league anymore it seems

This has been one of the best CFL seasons EVER!! :rockin: Imho Stala should be best Canadian :cowboy:

Your right on the money Kooblahdee the only final we need is the big game!

Individual awards are great but it is a team effort that makes or breaks the season. Let's prove all the naysayers wrong!!

Agree, individual awards don't crank me up because it's too arbitrary. I like to watch them from time to time for entertainment but that's about it. Yes, the only real award is getting your name on the Cup.

Not an issue here: who remembers last year's nominees, let alone winners? (I mean, other than their family?)

Stopped carring when they were no longer the "Schenley Awards". Seemed so appropriate that the best player category awards were presented by a distillery!

How many of you remember how we waited all night in the beer tent in 72 to hear if Garney had won?

Remember how the tent and all of downtown erupted when he was named as the Schenley Awards Best Player?

I wish I had of been there Mat, I wasn't in the area at the time. :frowning:

I'm sure Knowlton's thinking more about Sunday's game than these awards.

I'm sure he is and I'm happy about that, but this is the biggest rip-off I can remember in years.

Sorry BG, Anwar vs. Knowlton is arguable, but certainly not a miscarrige of justice. Unless you have watched every down of Alouette football this year, you can't appreciate how good Anwar was this year. As a rush end, he isn't as noticable as a LB.

In short, I guess the reason that Stewart got picked is that he was the best player on the best defense in the league, by far. The Als gave up 104 less points than their closest rivals.(the Cats) and led the league in a mind blowing 21 out of the usual 25 defensive categories.

Should Markeith have been picked???? How bout Johnson????....there are strong cases for both. Maybe seniority had something to do with it, who knows, but an any rate, for whatever case you can make, I can make a counter point.
I'm sure however, it won't be long until Either of well actually does win the nomination...

Like I said, close...YES , but a rip off...nope.

Here's a shock. I completely disagree with you. Big rip-off. I have actually watched a LOT of downs played my Montreal this year and I'm not taking anything away from Stewart, but

A. Seniority should have NOTHING to do with it at all at any point. It is based on THIS YEAR. Not all past accomplisments
B. Not only did Markeith have the stats to back up my assertion, he also made the plays when they were most needed and cemented several of our wins.

It seems to me that the quiet, effective leaders who get their job done are losing out in favour of loud, flashy players. I lost respect for these awards a long time ago and I usually don't get all riled up about them, but this one was just too much for me to take.