No "Ticats Are Hummin'"?

Just checked out the Arkells twitter. Kind of implying they won't be allowed to play Ticats Are Hummin' at the half time show. That would suck. I kind of get it, but also - how rare of an opportunity is that?

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This is no different than the cannons not allowed to be fired after a Tampa Bay TD in the Superbowl.
For the championship game the field is a neutral site...even when the home team is playing.

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I guess this also means no steam whistle to start the game or celebrating Ticat scores.

So I'd figure no pigskin Pete or oskee wee wees either??

You would think that mascots from BOTH teams will be working the game.

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I would think both teams will have mascots and cheerleaders in tow. Even Rod Black with a blue propeller head and kazoo!

Oski Wee Wee,



See, I would say it is - this is a half-time show. Has nothing to do with the game itself.

The CFL named the Arkells for the halftime act of the Grey Cup, so a modicum of neutrality would be expected. Could they wear a little Ticat gear? Quite possibly, but no Ticat fight songs would be a thing IMO.

Oski Wee Wee


They could all be wearing Ticat gear and just hire some guy to play cowbell for the show and throw a Bomber jersey on him for effect . :grin: :grin: Just tell him to stand in the background and try not to get in anybody's way .

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We all know how that worked out for Blue Oyster Cult .

They ended up needing more cow bell .

You're really not getting it. What part of neutral site do you not understand?

The part where a halftime performance has no effect on the players playing the game, presumably.

Once again.... the stadium is a neutral site for a GC game. So that means that literally nothing that happens in the stadium can favour either team. It's not rocket science.

I think you're bein unnecessarily condescending here.

How neutral is neutral?

How does a song favour a team?

Is the band allowed to say where they are from? Will that favour a team?

Are they allowed to sell more than 1/9th of tickets to fans of any one team? That might favour one team more than others.

The official Grey Cup logos are black and gold, does that favour one team?

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Only fans and players can show favouritism.

In fairness they should be able to play the song after the game - if Cats should prevail. - During the trophy presentation. Now that should keep the site neutral till the end of the game.

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What about streaking? Say at half time to boost everyone's spirit if we were losing ? Asking for a friend.

Since it wouldn't have been arranged by the league, no one could be blamed for it being un-neutral. But the legal ramifications would fall on your (or rather your friend's) shoulders.

TiCats are Human? wut?

Superhuman, at the very least.