NO Thursday games for Edmonton!

Well, when the Esks cry enough they get their wish!

they have 0 ZERO Thursday games!!

I guess if you complain long enough the League will help you out!


Yes, yes we did complain about the Thursday games A LOT!! But look at how bad the attendance was for those games last year. Lets see how well we do at the gate this year? I think walk up ticket sales will greatly improve in 2010!

This schedule is very fan friendly for the Eskimos fans. I know a couple fellow season ticket holders that have held off on renewing until the schedule was released. Now that they've seen it, they've called up this morning to renew.

ya I am happy too. I would not be able to go to too many Thursday games that start at 8! :x

thank god! Now I can go again more often.

I also enjoy the fact that the Riders will play you 4 times, meaning more great games!

Yup, attendance was so bad, Edmonton was only able to draw 33,000 for three of the four Thursday games. Just saying… :lol:

I like the fact that the Riders will come to town twice and both games are on Saturday early evenings. I'm thinking that Commonwealth will be sold out for those two games just base on the fact that last years lone meating here in Edmonton was a Saturday early evening game.

I had a blast last year and it's good for the CFL to see a building with 50,000 plus for a regular season game.

You're right BUT I think those nubers were tickets sold, not people in seats. Just like the last game of the season against Toronto it was announced as over 33,000 but there was no way in hell there was more than about 25,000.

I remeber those thursday night games here in BC, it worked not bad here, better than fridays , but i prefer sat and sundays.

You could be right. I didn’t really pay attention to the stands, to be honest. Too much going on on the field. :lol: But even still, 33,000 tickets sold means the team gets some nice coin, even if only 25,000 show up.

But to be honest, I don’t understand why we even have so many Thursday night games. Seems like an odd night for football.

Three straight years of more Thursday home games than the rest of the league combined, Edmonton fans had every right to complain. Note that the Eskimos themselves didn't say a word but the fans did. Thankfully someone in the CFL listened, good move.

Other than the eastern teams, Thursday games aren't that profitable. The Argos got stuck with them because of their need to share the Rogers Centre with the Blue Jays. I know Thursday games would not work in Regina UNLESS it, or the Friday next day is a holiday.

The CFL says it wants to listen to their fans. The scheduling is a bone of contention for fans. The fans need to have a say on what days will work for each city. Toronto, because they share the Rogers Centre with the Blue Jays, have to take the days the Jays are away. It is good that certain days are being discontinued.

I know myself whether it's my team playing here in which case I go or any game on TV, I like a Thursday game because it feels like the weekend is starting, then you have FNF and the games on the weekend. I like it spread out.