No thread on the beating Hamilton laid on Toronto

Apathy or what. Every other team would have fans crying, screaming, pointing fingers, suggesting changes, we get silence.

In my case it is COMPLETE DISGUST.

What i saw was a bunch of UNPREPARED, OUT of SHAPE, supposidly PRO coaches and players.

At least the 70’s Argo teams were lovable losers, and very creative on the field.

Maybe Argo fans are just too shocked/stunned to comment.


We’re lamenting on Argofans but I guess there’s enough misery to go around two sites I guess.

The Argos are in big trouble! That was a terrible showing!

i think the game has passed jim popp by - getting beat by 50 pts is just disgusting - i am so glad the i didnt buy a seat

team played just like the marketing hype ‘all sizzle, no steak’

franklin just doesnt care
remember he refused to sign an extension for 2020 on
time to put him and macbeth on the trading block

That was a brutal game. Can you imagine that being your first game? They should really considering reaching out to those that were there and offering a free ticket to a future game.

Instead of getting back to WORK, start fixing the issues, this team goes to a parade?

wow, just wow.

I’m sure they committed to the parade before the beat down. Had they pulled out of the parade that would have been worse.

i have no problem in them attending pride parade

i say give them 6 days off from day after beat down by hamilton and re think the need for so many coaches as so many coaches really dont seem to help
please keep medical/rehab personnel
let players call plays on field, both off and def

and some1 please tell wilder to shut up re ‘pick your poison’

i dont work for argos but i pretty much guarantee 3 yr of making it into payoffs and a grey cup appearance mixed in there will help sell tickets and make argos relevant again
jays will be in toilet for a few more yrs so now is a great opportunity
build a dynasty ! seems calgary is doing so, like edmonton when moon was there - 5 gc in a row

forget marketing hype, slogans etc - ‘just win baby!’ - as al davis said

thank goodness the field is ALL one surface now
just wish endzones were regulation 20 yd deep, not 18

uh oh just thought of something … MAGA could stand for ‘make argos great again’ [i know i am going to hell for that one! …lol]

Actually, Mike Hogan confirmed that the players/coaches were doing film work etc, and did not attend the parade, while Jim Popp and some front office types did.

I was furious that it seemed the players were given a day off after that mess on the field.

This team looked out of shape, and lost.

I sure hope they compete better against Sask

def played way too much zone - gotta play man to man - double cover best receiver
very little pass rush
argos need to go to a 5 man line or bltz on almost every down
i didnt think it could get worse than archer’s def to allow 40 pts but i was proven wrong
def gotta be aggressive

also qb’s gotta be mobile as off line will take time [if ever] to gel - wilder certainly makes for extra blocking
but maybe qb’s are being protected by OC
offence seemed very generic w/ very little passing to outside or deep
i thought this off was supposed to be free and creative
macbeth is a very poor runner and a dropback passer is the last thing argos need

i still say let o’connor be 2nd

I think the Cats got our tongue.