No Thigpen

long time reader not many posts, but, i've been reading here that without marcus we
can't score...thoughts....

I know I promised not to post here anymore, but I really don't want to be taking the rap for this guy.This is what HE said, not all of Ticat nation.Personally, I think the Ticat's played well indeed, I just don't think it was enough to merit being cocky.String 4-5 wins together in a row and maybe you're talking :wink:
See you guys August 7th!

P.S. see? I wasn't kidding when I was freaking out about the refs being bogus this year.You guys got owned by them on a couple plays.Most notably KG's OBVIOUS fumble.Cheers! :cowboy:

He looked good involved in the offence, but did that affect his play on special teams or were the Bombers cover guys just better ?

I don't think it affected him too much, there were a couple returns where he dodged a few guys and was one broken tackle away from making a big return. But i definitely felt like the cover teams did a better job, and Renaud was great at punting the ball off to the sidelines so Thigpen had less room to work with.

bombers special teams showed up.

offfence and defence did not.

every punt returner is one missed tackle away from a big return.

i agree tho that renaud was the main reason if not 90 percent of it cuz he was booting them to the sidelines.

Funny you bring that up. I always say that the best way to kill a great kick returner is to insert him in to the offensive lineup. Look at Gizmo Williams... never on offense, kick return always, never lost a step. Now, look at Devin Hester in the NFL, the Bears insert him in the lineup, and his production on KR goes way down.

I'm torn... I like him in the same backfield as Cobb, but we need that spark on Special Teams as well.