No Thanksgiving games?!

apparently first time in decades this is the case. anyone know why? doesn’t seem to make any sense.

while clearly not as significant as football on US thanksgiving, I feel let down by this decision as a casual CFL fan who pays attention starting then usually and into the playoffs.

I guess they will likely lose my viewership until the grey cup as a result.

anyone else disappointed?

Yes for sure .

Love seeing Ford eating his way thru the Turkey before it turns .

Big miss for the CFL. People off work, at home, sitting around.

No football.

Probably one of the worst decisions the league has made in years. To not have any games on Thanksgiving is inexcusably stupid.

Great way NOT to showcase your league

Exactly. Golden opportunity down the drain.

Staging a game on this holiday is just pure marketing 101

And while we’re at it, how about an Ottawa-Montreal Labour Day Classic?

Lol x 2

I suspect the decison is related to an agreement between the league and the Players Association on how many days rest teams get between games. They probably agreed that the only exception is Labor Day because that is the more popular tradition and is a little earlier in the season than Thansgiving.

Agreed. I think it is tied to the decision to avoid Sunday games. Turnaround would be too tight from Monday to Friday.

What the heck does that mean?
And what does it have to do with watching CFL games on Thanksgiving?

Yes. No Thankgiving Double header makes no sense.
The monday teams scheduled to play on Thanksgiving. Could either be a team that has a bye the next week or play on saturday.
Since the CFL has gone to one friday nite game. Thur games are done for the year.
What possible programing does TSN have at 1:00 & 4:00 EST on Thanksgiving monday that would force them NOT to want a captured audience off for a long holiday wknd on monday

All of the NFL teams that play the Thanksgiving Thursday games south of the border have played on Sunday. The Bears, Falcons, Bills, Saints, Lions, Cowboys are all playing on Sunday and then on Thursday.
That’s 3 days rest, doesn’t seem to be a problem.

I guess you haven’t watched any Thanksgiving games with Forde trying to eat the traditional turkey which they show on air .

Your thinking of another person named Ford . 8)

At one time, didn’t the CFL try to target every long weekend on the schedule.

This may be not what the CFL wants, but what TSN has scheduled for Thanksgiving Monday.

NO Thanksgiving Day games? What a ridiculously poor joke for the league to be laying on, we, the fans! Humbug!

The CFL brain trust must be suffering:
a) brain freeze?
b) brain cramp?
c) brain fart?

I see that you have corrected the spelling to “Forde” from “Ford” in your original post.
I assume that you are referring to Duane Forde, the colour analyst on the CFL TSN broadcasts then.

Yes, I remember his annual turkey leg eating adventures.
They were fun. :smiley:

Since some asked what TSN have. Here are the afternoon programming ‘highlights’ for Monday afternoon.

TSN1 - Euro 2020 qualifier between Ukraine and Portugal
TSN2 - Oh boy! - At noon they are replaying the Argos - Redblacks game from earlier in the weekend
TSN3 - no live sports just the usual weekday lineup of mainly NFL related programming
TSN4 - Another Euro 2020 qualifier - England vs Bulgaria
TSN5 - At 1:00PM an ottawa Sens game live.

Seeing that lineup, is there really a need for TSN to have their “Super Saturday” of CFL games?

Yes without the E you may have thought I was referring to the premier or something like that .

Thats on me .

No good reason Agreed.

If the Labour Day is a tradition so should the Thanksgiving games ; if it’s the union stopping the games then they should make another exception to the rule .