No television broadcast tonight?

In the schedule and all the emails that have gone out, the game is listed as being on TSN, which is to be expected as it's Friday Night Football, right?

Except TSN is only advertising the late game and all their schedules show Tennis instead of football. Can someone please explain what's going on with this? Why would TSN just suddenly drop a Cats-Argos game, and why does all the media material from the Cats still list TSN as the carrier if they have dropped it?

Cats and Argos play tomorrow night.


Thanks Earl. Can't read my calendar.

No prob, I often forget sometimes when games are, I look in the TV guide when I get it in the paper on Saturday, check things out and then don't check again and forget what teams are playing what night, easy to do.

I did the same thing before. Rused home from work to watch the game... only to find out the game was the next day!

My worst was when I took a business trip to Cape Breton- hit a sports restaurant - and insisted that they turn on the 'Cat game (they had NO prior intention of watching CFL). After 10 minutes of making a fool of myself because they couldn’t find it and I was upset- I left.

It was only after I got back to my motel room (no cable there) that I realized I had the hour difference wrong and was thinking the game had already started when it wasn’t due to start for another hour.

I had that problem once.

showed up from leave a day late.

Military has no sense of humour…sigh.

I guess I sorta did the same thing. Not looking at the date of the original post and only reading that one, I rushed to turn on the TV and check the TSN schedule and then proceeded to and checked it there.

All is now good in my world after a little scare.