No Tasker for the Edmonton game

Saw the depth chart on another site. No Tasker

No Sutton either

I was all excited when I saw changes
Marshall in
Who is Jalin Marshall anyways??

Glad to see Lively in, smart decsion IMO.

The extra DB we have been missing the last couple of games, plus, of course, his phenomenal return abilities. :wink:

Likely III

Likely to do some kick/punt returns. Seems like a long time since we had a TD.
(The year of the return has lost some steam…)

Teams adjust, study film and cut off those lanes. Banks eventually became less effective once teams contained his outside down the sideline escape route.

Banks has 5-100 yard games this year and is second in receiving yards with a missed game in the CFL.

Not sure how less effective he is.

Less effective as a punt/kick returner, which I believe was the topic under discussion. However, still gets the attention of coverage teams whenever he takes the field on returns, now usually mainly for FGs.

I made a comment about KR/PR that 150Gage had brought up and even inserted his quote.

Nothing at all to do with pass receiving.

Perhaps Banks just seems to have become less effective as a kick returner because Frankie Williams has been returning most of the kicks.