NO TAILGATING AT MAC=Pregaming at the Pheonix

Hi Everyone:
We pregamed at the Phoenix for the Thursday game and the staff was great and the food and drink specials were excellent.
Since we can't tailgate together the Phoenix offers a great place to gather for a pregame bite and brew.
I had such a great time enjoying pregaming before Thursday's game I sent them a thank you email. Here's the part of the email I received from the Phoenix's manager explaining the deals for the August 16th game.
I strongly recommend that you make reservations, this will ensure they have enough staff on to serve everyone excellently.

[b]"We are planning to open at noon for the game on August 16. We are going to run a smaller version of our regular menu with wings, nachos, burgers and $6.95 baskets of poutine. We are also going to offer $5 pints of Steam Whistle.

I am happy to take reservations in advance to help us plan for staffing. Our website does not allow for Saturday reservations because we are not usually open for regular business but people can call the restaurant to make a reservation at 905-525-9140 extension 24405 or email me directly at this email address ( If the group is over 12 people please have them email me as the floor staff are unable to take reservations for groups larger than that and will just direct people to email me anyway. "

Just read this...

Flashback to a psych exam...huge gym...didn't study enough...went to the Phoenix for "dinner" beforehand...don't remember anything after that...I know I was at the exam...I know I got a '7'...had to pretty much repeat that year...

The Phoenix is a great little pub with a beautiful patio on the forests edge and interesting craft beers on tap. I had a great time playing my bugle for the box J boys and it was a unique pregame experience. Highly recommend!

The Phoenix really is a hidden gem. their new location is top notch. patio is second to none and the gothic architecture of the refectory building is awesome. decent prices as well. highly recommend it for a pre game

Hey Everyone:
Reservations are filling the Phoenix up for the August 16th game.
I just made mine. Remember to contact Andrea Williamson and make your 12 noon reservation!
See you there!

So who’s doing August 16th pregaming at the Phoenix?

I'm attending the game on my own, and planning to crash the pre-game festivities at the Phoenix without a reservation. Livin' on the edge. :rockin:

Everyone is more then welcome to come without a reservation, but do not get upset if you don't get a table on the patio and have to wait a while for service.
The management is basing their staffing on reservations because they don't usually open on Saturday,
A reservation doesn't cost you a cent, it simply makes sure you've got a table and adequate staffing.
But hey, do what cha want I'll see ya there! I'll be the guy enjoyin' $5 pints and a basket of wings! :rockin:

I take it you won't share your wings with the sucker who didn't make a reservation then? :cry:

Me and my crew will be hittin up the Phoenix!
Got reservations on the patio too! Going to be a great day!!!

Del: Look forward to seeing you come over and say "Hello" I'll be one of those Boys with the hard hats. :rockin:
Ram: I share a lot of things...but...wings ain't one of them!

Now that Week 7 is behind us, let's look forward to Week 8!
Remember, no tailgating at Mac so let's light it up at the Phoenix Pub on the Mac campus!
As I've said in other posts, make a reservation at the Phoenix. Thy pub usually isn't open on the weekend so your reservatoins ensures excellent service and that you'll have a table.
See ya there Ticat Tailgaters!

Pregame partying bump-see ya there! :rockin:

While a reservation will ensure you have a table when you arrive, there will be tables available. So either way, see you there. Doors open at noon!
Go Cats Go!