QB White angry after being released by Als

Published: Saturday, February 11, 2006
Alouettes football fans who have complained for three seasons about backup quarterback Ted White are getting their wish.

White won’t be returning to Montreal in 2006. He learned the news yesterday, in a 15-minute telephone conversation with general manager Jim Popp. The team’s decision hardly comes as a surprise, but what has White upset was the lengthy delay - more than two months after the Grey Cup and less than a week before White is eligible to become a free agent.

“If I knew this coming out of the season, I would have prepared myself,” White said from New Orleans. "They gave me the impression they wanted me back. This puts me in a bind.

“I thought they should have treated me better, or at least communicated better. They could have talked about this earlier, so I could have situated myself with a different team.”

With Anthony Calvillo enjoying success, White played sparingly with the Als. When called upon, White was less than inspiring.

He’ll be best remembered for the second half of the 2004 East Division final, against Toronto. Replacing the injured Calvillo, White threw three interceptions and the Als lost at Olympic Stadium. Last season, White was tapped for the regular-season

finale at Hamilton. He completed only 14 of 36 passes for 163 yards, and was intercepted three times. Montreal failed to score a touchdown and lost 15-9.

On the season, White completed 22 of 50 passes for 229 yards and one TD. He was intercepted four times. Over three seasons, he completed 44 of 88 passes for 512 yards and two touchdowns, but was intercepted seven times in regular-season play.

“I never got a good chance as a backup. I never got enough reps in practice,” he said. “When the score got out of hand, they could have turned to me instead of letting players pad their stats. That proves they’re a team of individuals.”

White’s departure leaves Ell Roberson, Scott McBrien and Ryan Dinwiddie as candidates to back up Calvillo. None of the three has played a CFL game.

The 6-foot-3, 255-pound White, who has NFL and NFL Europe experience, is optimistic he’ll be signed by another CFL team. He plans to talk to Winnipeg, where former Als offensive co-ordinator Doug Berry now is the head coach, and B.C., which lost Casey Printers to the Kansas City Chiefs.

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yea another CFL team will pick him up..hahaha

He is a stiff, an over weight stiff.

...I think the Riders will pursue White......I hope Shivers dosen't let this one slip away.... :wink:

Leaving and not even attempting to salvage any dignity as he goes. The als are a team of individuals? they didnt give you any chances when the score was out of reach? Maybe thats because puting you in would only make things worse and give the team no chacne of winning. Bye Ted dont let the door hit your ass on the way out

Even if he's referring to the Als blowing out their opponent (with the score being out of reach) ... I wouldn't want him to go in to mop up the game, what with his 3-picks-per-game record ...

Where's Third???

Oh, there he is...driving White to the Airport! :wink:

…and so Mr. White thinks he can latch on in BC or Winnipeg? He must be dreaming in technicolour.

BC has Buck Pierce and Jarious Jackson behdind Dickenson. I can’t see Wally Buono seeing White as an upgrade over either of those two.

As for Winnipeg, they have 4 QBs. Glenn, Michna, Wynn, and Tee Martin. now I agree that Tee Martin was positively abysmal in his starts last year, so even if you agree that Martin is worse than White (and I’d have to say the jury is out on that one, it’s too close) at BEST White could beat out Martin for 4th string, and I don’t think there’s any way the Bombers are going to carry 4 QBs this year barring injury (and injury was the only reason they carried 4 QBs last year).

...right on.Madjack.....White may have played under Berry last he thinks he has an 'in' for a job in the Peg....well he's out to lunch....we're trying to make a deal to reduce the qb.s on our roster...not acquire more.. :shock:

I think Ted White and Tee Martin are roomates who share a QB coach. I guess they are both a little delusional as well to think that any CFL team would pick either of them up.
Just my opinion.

Ted White and Tee Martin should only get to see CFL games on TV next year; neither one of them should be playing. They can join Khari Jones and Pat Barnes and Dan Crowley over at Stanley Jackson's house as long as they bring their own booze. They may have to keep a spot open for Michael Bishop as well. Party on guys, thanks for the memories.

I always get nervous and run for cover when a hugely obese man says, "That puts me in a bind!"

Run for cover boys! He's gonna blow!!!! :shock: :wink:

Hey, Hey , Hey, No like to Run!!! See ya Fat Albert.