No Surprise Here...

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 1m1 minute ago

Former #Ticats DB @BreauxShow24 has made the 53-man roster of the New Orleans. Great news for a great guy. #CFL
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:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

This is the only time I can remember where I was unreservedly cheering for a Ticat to make the NFL. Usually I just wish them well but hope to see them back in the fall.

Can Wait see how Breaux dose vs Megatron & Golden Tate Dec 21 in NO

The thought of going up against Megatron would make anyone lose sleep at night.

Yes, but DB the DB is definitely not "anyone". I'm sure he looks forward to the challenge. :wink:

True and I love me some DB but thats Megatron. Dudes a freak. 6-5 runs a 4-3

I cant wait to watch DB this season (even though he's an 'Aint. Sorry BoBo) he gets to show off all that skill and do it on a smaller field.

Welcome to Breaux Island!
I wish him the best except against my Giants :wink:

I can say that as well, as I knew that Breaux was not coming back here.

It certainly isn't a surprise that Breaux made that team. When his contract expired here, we weren't wondering if an NFL team would sign him. We were wondering which NFL team would sign him. You might say that it was the New Orleans Saints who won the Delvin Breaux Sweepstakes.

I do wish him well in the NFL.