Yes it is, however when necessary constructive criticism is warranted.

Where's the constructive criticism in "nah nah, our championship game drew more viewers and was a bigger success?" :expressionless: The problem with these topics is you guys never provide any constructive criticism. You either gloat about the CFL doing better, or you criticize the NFL. Who knew you guys were so insecure... :?

I watched both games, the only extra grab the superbowl might get that the CFL doesn't is the commercials, but we can't even view those (not supposed to be able to anyways :wink:) in Canada so that's kind of a moot point.

Both games are huge viewership games here in Canada, my only gripe is how the media portrayed the 2 numbers. As was mentioned previously, when reporting the Grey Cup numbers they did NOT include RDS in that figure. The same source then reported the Superbowl numbers WITH RDS included. Makes the disparity seem that much bigger for the casual observer. Pretty lame in my opinion.

I agree, the reality is there are about 4 million football fans in Canada who will watch either game, and if that's how the media left it I'd be fine with it.

But what bothers me is certain media lying to public using incorrect viewership numbers to imply that there are more people who don't watch the Grey Cup who do watch the Super Bowl in Canada. I don't understand why they have to do that unless they are trying to kill the CFL.

They do it because they think it's fashionable to do so, because that's what they, in their distorted view of the world, think their readers want to see.

These guys all hang around together, read each other's columns. It's the reporters' Old Boy club, and Houston may very well be the chairman. They kvetch about the CFL and how great it would be have the NFL. All that cigar smoke and brandy has clouded their collective judgment.

Grey Cup goes up against the NFL, meaning the diehard NFL fans in this country will not watch the Grey Cup.
Meanwhile the Super Bowl is played when there is no CFL, so CFL fans will watch the Super Bowl.
Which adds onto the Super Bowl numbers.
Also throw in the fact that CTV has a much larger reach then TSN, up to 5 million homes I've read, and the discrepency in the numbers are to be expected.
I read that if the Grey Cup were shown on CTV, it would easily draw and extra half million more viewers then it did on CBC.
HOpe Cohon is happy being on little TSN.
Because while regualar season numbers are good, TSN can't generate the huge numbers for the Grey Cup.

Just get rid of the Blue Jays and MLB in this country and lets watch football, CFL, NFL whatever!

one thing the SB did better than the GC was the half time show. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!! anyone here who says theory of bad band beat out the boss needs a slap with a wet noodle.

Big deal, I like the idea of supporting more up and coming groups that haven't made zillions of bucks, at least some years. And they do come less expensive as well, let's face it, the SB budget is a tad higher than the GC budget I would venture a guess.

All this to say that we have some work to do. Gotta get those Grey Cup numbers up! :cowboy:

Like most of us have been saying since the new TV contract was signed, never mind that we got less money then warrented and the fact the league only negotiated with one party?????, the fact remains it was criminal for Tom Wright not to have it specifically in the contract with TSN that the playoffs and GC must be shown on CTV.

Yea like someone said Grey Cup numbers are way higher when combined with RDS (which is fair since CTV was all across canada).

On top of that, also like someone else touched upon, that on a network thats far less available than CTV and is going up against the NFL on Sunday and NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers, the Grey Cup numbers are amazing more and more each year.

At least amazing to haters of the me I'm not surprised that they numbers were still higher.