Again the CFL rules the airwaves with strong TV numbers for this weekend
and to include winning Sunday. Here is our top 9.

  1. Hockey, Leafs-Habs @ 1.94M
  2. Hockey, Oilers-Flames @ 1.218M
  3. Baseball, White Sox-Angels Sunday @ 491,000
  4. CFL, Riders-Esks @ 468,000(slightly below CBC average of 478,000)
  5. CFL, Argos-Bombers @ 442,000 ( above TSN average of 390,000)
  6. CFL, Lions-Als @ 441,000(but peaking at 688,000 and winning Sunday)
  7. Baseball, Cards-Astros Sunday @ 420,000
  8. Baseball, White Sox-Angels Friday @ 396,000
  9. CFL, Ticats-Stamps @ 395,000
    In summary, hockey continues strong due to layoff. Baseball is higher due to playoffs, but no comparison to CFL playoffs which are 3X higher. Our numbers on Sunday again are the best which begs the question why the league does not schedule more Sunday games in the fall as clearly there is no competition with the No Fun League as they are nowhere to be seen. This weekend big game is on Saturday, but not on primetime as in the afternoon. Any guesses what the Argos-Als will draw. My guess 1M+.

i'm sayin the argos vs als clash draws 900 000...i cant expect it to be MORE than the thanksgiving game in winnipeg.

thanks again for the update, argotom!

We also forgot how this game will be shown as usual on RDS and their numbers apparently this year have been also skyrocketing.

but, i thought the toronto star doesnt count RDS numbers in the ratings?

The TV ratings are tabulated by Neilson, but for whatever reason maybe because it is virtually a Province of Quebec thing, they are rarely posted by the ink stained papers.

the RDS numbers should be included when the toronto star reports ratings.....CFL ratings are higher than the star reports

Sorry, I can't remember from yesterday. Is this the paper that hates the CFL, or was it the sun?

I know I watched the CFL games, and only switched to the NFL/baseball during commercials. I like the games being on Sundays as well, although in a way I like them spread out so I can watch football most of the days in a week. Pretty much I watch whenever, so I guess they should try for those casual viewers more.

I also think it has something to do with national TV sponsors not seriously considering RDS. You know the addage when Bay Street talks....

it would be interesting to see how RDS ratings would affect the overall ratings of a game?....75 000 + just on RDS???

I seem to recall seeing numbers maybe 300,000 on RDS.

thats close to the numbers the WHOLE country gets excluding RDS... if we had 688 000 watching the Als vs Lions ( had the game been on tsn/rds instead of cbc )...that TOTAL rating would be 1 088 000 ????

Yes that would be correct, providing my RDS figure is close. Which begs the question can you imagine this number going even higher when and if QC gets a team. Lets move on it BOG.

i dunno if quebec would boost the ratings near as much as halifax would.....thats the whole atlantic canada focusing on the CFL...both on t.v. and in the newspapers....thats gotta translate into alot of viewers...( i'd say 200 000 + )

especially since viewers in quebec / RDS viewers don't seem to count in the TOTAL ratings.

so that 688 000 rating becomes a 888 000 TOTAL rating if halifax had a team to draw atlantic canada's interest to the CFL.

if it wasn't for RDS, then quebecers would HAVE to watch the games on english TSN??.....therefore boosting those ratings AND the TOTAL ratings by 400 000...thats how we could get REALLY BIG numbers....unless quebecers dont get english TSN at all....then it would be a dumb move.

Granted English TV and the Maritimes looks more attractive. But, I believe how RDS money is extra to the league, no idea how much or whether the Als share in same? Maybe its the latter as the Als do have the highest corporate investment by a long shot and which Larry Smith deserves credit.

very true...none of this would have happened with out SMITH.