no surprise; Buck Pierce Hurt

well, it only took 3 games, and bucky - aka MrGlass II - is out with an injury and is missing the next bomber game.
bomber fans, get used to jyles getting the start, cuz this is just the begining of buck missing games due to injury.

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Winnipeg Blue Bombers head coach Paul LaPolice revealed Sunday that No. 1 quarterback Buck Pierce has a sprained right knee and will miss Saturday's game against the Edmonton Eskimos.

Jyles, 27, will make his second career start in Pierce's place against his former team.

LaPolice said Pierce will be evaluated further after the game against the Eskimos, meaning he could be out longer than one week.

Pierce suffered the injury in the third quarter of Winnipeg's 28-7 loss to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Not surprised at all that is why Wally let him go, the same when Dickinson was released he played on game with Calgary and got a concussion.

Wally has not been the winiest coach all these years by not knowing his players .

Buck will be back i am sure but will not last the season.

oh well... and round round we go... round round!

i agree, he will be back, but for how long? 1 game? then he'll blow out his shoulder or something.

u guys are gonna burn in hell for this thread almost wishing injury on the guy.

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sprained knee. 1 week max. probably will dress even.

I'm pretty sure if a 300 pound lineman fell awkwardly on anyones knee there would probably be some damage.

Now if it was a shoulder or a concussion then you'd have something , but this is just poor taste.

this isn't people WISHING injury on the guy...its PREDICTING that he will be injured again.
Predictions based on past results.

It was all overemphasized. Lots of ways to get hurt out there guys.

I hope Buck's feeling better soon, and I'm not a Bomber fan.

some guys are just incapable of EVER playing a full 18-game season without missing games due to injury...buck is one of them.

i WISH this wasn't the case, cuz buck is a good QB and fun to watch, but i also wish i had a few million dollars in the bank, too....neither will happen.

Buck Pierce ought get used to being a dependable backup, though despite his natural tough demeanor with such fragility I would not put him in on second or third and short for sure either.

Exactly. Nobody wants Buck to be injured. If you seriously wish injury on him or any other player, you are not someone I want to know. But the fact remains that the man has been a walking injury clinic the past few years and hasn't been able to play three full games this season without getting sidelined again. Given Buck's injury history, this shouldn't really be a surprise.

Who knows, maybe Buck misses 1 or 2 games because of this injury but then comes back and plays the rest of the season.
That would be respectable in my books :thup:

Might be minor but it's somewhat par for the course with Mr. Bucky. Seems to always be dinged up, be it a shoulder issue, concussions, or now the knee. The good news is that the Bombers have a respectable backup, I thought Jyles looked good last week.

Winterpeg better hope he gets back soon, he still has a lot to offer and can do a lot of good while healthy.

go lie down outside and get a 300 lb person to fall on your leg then come back and talk crap.

Haha.. well sounds like we should be able to make some cash of the Lions now. I'm leaning against the Lions from here on... ... rtid=3&t=0

That's the nature of the beast, defensive lineman are 300 lb's, and sometimes they sack or hit the QB. Every QB in this league takes a shot like that every game or two.

Thank u. This is a knee sprain from a twisting trauma. Football is a contact sport and appendages sometimes twist in a way they were not meant to when u get tackled. This has nothing to do with a person being injury prone. Most player in this league or the NFL would have sprained their knee on a similar tackle. Sheesh. lobbed that one up there. Good thing I am a nice person at heart. In my younger days I might have responded with something that would have gotten my pee-pee slapped by a mod.

yea, im laughing at all the replys i can say right now....but id probably get banned.