Just got back from the dome.
What a pathetic performance from Joseph.
On the positive what he had one TD throw, I counted at least two missed wide open receivers on the mid to long range throws.
Four pics of which granted one may not have been his fault. But all were rally killers.
Overall though, he has not done anything since coming from the Riders last year. I still say Tillman outfoxed the Argos and he knew that Joseph was playing over his head during the MVP season, after all he had him for several seasons in Ottawa. He was horrible during the GC game. He just looks lost and confused in the pocket and at best his arm is poor to below average.
Meanwhile, my man Bish OK was not throwing out the lights but after only 4 practices he still is a threat with that gun of an arm and is a good runner. I did notice one big improvement about eating the ball a few times by chucking it out of bounds when pressured and not taking a sack. Yes only one pic on a badly overthrown ball.
He is still nearly five years younger than Joseph and man light years on the up side. I would not be surprised how Bish will lead the BB into the playoffs who up until last week looked pathetic.
I am afraid another bad and out of the playoffs year for the Argos.

IMO, neither QB really did much.. Joseph had 3 more INTs.. other than one drive that resulted in the Bomber TD early.. Bishop really didn't do enough to convince me that he is the answer to the Peg's problems on offence.

He may not be the best QB but Bishop is a big improvement.

ya, with the best defence in the league, you dont need to be great


Kerry was able to move the ball pretty well. Good time of possession and a lot of first downs. Take away the turnovers and this game would have been 40-13.

Yes, Kerry and co. on offense delievered this game to the Bombers on a silver platter. But think about it from the Bombers' perspective, the other team coughs up 7 turnovers and you STILL needed a few lucky breaks at the end to pull out a 1-point victory.

Gimme the offense that can move the ball consistently over the offense that has one good drive and then can't move for the rest of the game. More time together, some healthy bodies, and some chemistry will bring the Argos around.

Of Joseph's 4 INTs, 2 were coughed up by the receivers and 1 was a meaningless int in that occurred on the last play of the 1st half. But as a team the turnover problem has to be the #1 priority.
Andrus has to find a way to solve this problem soon.
The Argo's are sure finding some interesting ways of ripping the hearts out of their fans this year.
The g/f mentioned going to Jack Astor's after the game but I told her I didn't want the stink of that
loss rubbing off on me.

Gut wrenching loss for the Argos and their fans, man that one has to hurt in so many ways, where do you even begin? ouch

But good on the Bish to get the win, ugly win but a win is a win is a win.

I wish Joseph the best unless he is going against Saskatchewan!

I do not like to see him lose. I feel his pain.

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I really like watching Joseph play. He reminds me of Matt Dunigan. If he can't find a reciever on his first read, he runs, moving the pocket and looks for his second read. And then if nobody is free, he can easily run for a long distance and dive head first into defenders. He has the talent, he just needs a little more help.

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Oh oh, need I bring it up again how Bishop clearly outplayed Joseph dispite both team losing, except the BB had a chance to win while my Argos had no chance, ........ zero points.

BUT.... both teams lost... looking for some kind of comfort?? bottom line.. Bishop is JUST as bad as Joseph, can't imagine why you guys have this man crush for a QB who is really NO better than what you already have... at least raise your standards a bit will ya??

They both played bad, you can't put all the blame on a QB who finds himself on the ground every play.

Joseph 7/13 for 68 yards, 0 TDs 1 INT - 4 rushes 23 yards
Bishop 16/30 for 201 yards, 0 TDs 1 INT - 3 rushes 11 yards

The Bombers allowed 1 sack, the Argo's allowed 7.

Both of those stat lines are bad, completion percentage is about the same. You can twist it anyway you want, they both played bad in the end and they both lost.

So if Medlock makes that 57 yd field goal, Joseph outplays Bishop?... :roll: :roll: