Well the obvious curiosity had me tuning in during the second quarter.
From the crowd shot, there were many pockets of empty seats throughout the dome and interestingly enough the announcers and credit to them did a bit with former CFL players going to the NFL.
The game was typically No Fun League as the score would indicate at 16-3. It was a snooze fest and you could not hear the crowd who must have been nodding off and or typically wannabe Tarana fans sitting on their hands.
PT Barnum was indeed correct, a sucker is born every minute.

Boresville bigtime.

Give me CFL any day of the week thank you and that is even if a CFL game resulted in a 0-0 draw. Losman would be lucky to be a 3rd stringer in the CFL, honestly. Pennington much smarter, has potential to be a starter in our league, I will say that.

Let me go on record how the Argos or Ticats could smoke either team.
Period and either rules.

I look forward to reading and hearing the reviews of this fiasco.
How will our friends, Brunt, Naylor, Simmons etc turn this dog breakfast into steak?

Here is one of the first articles out of the gate from Canadian Press. No mention of a boring game, but interestingly it deals with a non sellout and many seats being empty.

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That's the way it goes with hyped games in any league. Sometimes they just don't pan out. It's the law of averages.

So... who won?? I ask because the game wasn't on tv where i live.

Dolphins won by default because the Bills didn't show up... again.