No Surprise: Argos release Avery, but Edwards?

The latest transaction from the Argos.
Avery should have been released a year ago, but Edwards I am not sure he still had some up side.

They released both? :expressionless: So who do they have at RB now?

Wow... I want Avery in Regina, but Id rather have Corey back :lol:

Davis the new guy from the Hammer, while from last year they have local Canadians Johnson, Durie and Aidoo.

Avery should have been released 3 years ago......
Edwards did nothing last year.
I think he is done as well.
I hope they still give Troy Davis another shot to see if he has game.
The fact they have kept him and released the other two says maybe...
Good moves, and not unexpected moves by the Argos.

Whatever happened to Millington in Toronto? Did he get cut? Or, is he going to retire and make another comeback in OCTOBER? :roll: :roll:

the argos released troy davis.

im glad avery is now unemployed, and edwards sucked last year....

they should start jeff johnson!

You are right--not weeks ago, but almost exactly a week ago.
I guess KK has a home if he gets cut....

I wonder how Corey Holmes would look in a Steve Buratto offence?

Yes Troy Davis was released last week and not to be confused with RB Anthony Davis who they traded for after the season.

worth a look.

They still have Davis and Dorsey. If all else fails Millington can attempt to not fail his physical this time and make a 3rd comeback :wink:

Troy Davis was released last week. We can expect new faces in camp to compete for rb this season.

Surprised about Edwards. But so many new players available, the end of line for both these guys now.

I'm sure Edmonton will pick up one of them... :frowning: :lol:

They'll have their pick of the undrafted free agents in the spring.

Probably all of them...just like last year....

I wouldn't be surprized to see Avery get another shot in Edmonton. Grass may be his deciding factor.

Jeff Johnson should be the argo starting RB in '08...but with adam rita as GM, they'll prolly hire some washed-up american RB.

DG, what do you think the chances are of the Argos pursuing Kenton Keith?