No suprise - Anthony Calvillo has retired.

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What a marvelous career. He deserves accolade after accolade for a fantastic career.

He performed with grit and humility. I'll miss him now that he has detached himself

from the field of play.

Going forward, I wish him a great family life and hopefully continued association with football.

(In Canada, of course) :thup: :thup:

Seeing Tony in that Ti Cat uni makes me wish he would have had that career in the Hammer, but all the best to him anyway. :wink:

Best Wishes AC,

I'm just about to watch the engraved on a nation episode "the Kid from La Puente" on ESPN classic @ 6pm EST. Ive never seen this one....



From where he was when he left the Cats...he has reached the pinnacle. All my best to him!

Oski Wee Wee,


When Ron Lancaster came to Hamilton with McMannus, I felt Ron should have kept Calvillo as the backup instead of Ledbetter. AC could have learned from Ron and Danny Mac much like he did with Ham.
Still AC still had a pretty good career. Best of luck AC.

Use any superlative and they fit. If you saw the tv program Engraved on a Nation, his career was even more remarkable given his humble roots. I feel really fortunate to have seen his entire career.

An Argo-Cat fan

That is a classic pic Grover. All the best AC!

With all the best wishes, praise and regard for Anthony Calvillo, his career and demonstrated humility in the face of great accomplishment.. The point has to be made..


As Montreal's backup, he was on the losing end in 1998 and 1999. As Montreal's starter he lost the east semi-final against Hamilton in 2011.

Yes I know he only started 1 game against Hamilton in the playoffs.. and Hamilton failed to make the playoffs in 2002, 2003, 2005-2008.. but still :wink:

Great QB. His legacy will last for a long time.
Hope he sticks around football in some capacity.
Good luck to him. :thup:

Nice tribute for Calvillo at the Habs game last night.

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Nice for sure to see that in Montreal. Class hockey organization all the way. :thup:

What I said 3 days ago on The Scratching Post:

You have to wonder how many other excellent players missed out on a HOF career just because they were put in the wrong spot at the wrong time. AC easily could have given up football when Hamilton released him. He showed a great amount of grit and sticktoitivness and ultimately was rewarded with his HOF career. Although I despised him as a true Ticat fan would, every time Hamilton played his team, I find after his career is over I am filled with a great amount of respect and admiration of him. Watching the special on TSN on him last year really opened my eyes to everything he has overcome. It should be a lesson to all young disadvantaged youth, that they too can overcome adversity and thrive. Enjoy your retirement AC from Mike - you earned it.

(I was referring to the Engraved on a Nation episode that TSN did on AC last year).