No support means no team

I'll start by stating obvious the Tigercats are a business ...No revenue equals No business...In the Cats case No ticket sales equals No revenue equals No Cats...The idea that not buying season tickets and not supporting the Cats will force managment to improve the team is moronic at best...Look at teams like the Chicago cubs haven't won a world series in 90 years but their fans stood by them and now their a winning team...Ask someone form Ottawa what they would rather have a losing team or no team...The revenue from our continued support will pay for the changes that are needed to return the Cats to their past glory....

I can appreciate your argument but I buy tix to go to games, be entertained and hope to see them win more than they lose. I don't buy tix to keep them in business although I can see the connection. It seems to me that the team hasn't kept up its end of the bargain in recent years.

Also, I'm sure we all can name teams in all sports that have had loyal fan support but have moved on or folded at the whim of the owners. It's not only up to the fans.

An Argo-Cat fan

It's nothing more than entertainment.
If I'm not being entertained in some fashion , then I will go somewhere else as did more than 15,000 did last friday.
It's not up to the fans anymore. We've done our part.

Barneyfife1, you make some valid points but I still believe that the best way to ensure the team stays in Hamilton ( and improves) is to continue supporting them...As for teams leaving citys in which they have a solid fan base that happens when the onwner wants to move the team to a city that has a larger market....

This team does mean more to this community than football. I do support this team for more then just the product on the field.

An example can be taken from todays newspaper. Also, think of the charitable contributions made to Danny Mac, United Way, Tackle Hunger and every 50/50.

And are huge supporters of minor football through Ontario.

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Exactly, and i have not seen a team run this boring of an offence since the John Huard days. The only way I'll buy tix next year is if they hire George Cortez, if it's Taafe and Machoochio next year then I won't even watch them play on t.v.

Amen. Seasons like this truly test the mettle of self-proclaimed fans of the team. This is what being a fan is all about - riding out difficult seasons like this one.


You the Leafs?

Please do not EVER compare the Ticats to the blue team of hockey.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what happens to a team that doesn't have fan support. Those of you that do not see the logic in zebo's post are not thinking of the bigger picture. I will continue to support this team. They have shown that they are committed to improving even if the efforts have not been successful so far.

Not comparing the Leafs to the Cats. But I will say the Leafs have tried and built a winner around Sundin as the main gog and haven’t had the supporting cast to take it over the top and allow Sundin to flourish as a winner of a SC team. We have tried the same with Maas and this didn’t work. With Printers, I hope it will work.