No Such Thing As A Dumb Question

We know the Als use the Big O for their coaches offices and as their dressing room.

Can someone tell me why can`t they use it as their practice field rather than trekking to St. Leonard in those rickety school buses? Is the Big O that busy with outside activities?

Maybe they are afraid that the Big Owe will fall on them!!

Perfectly legitimate question and one that begs a response.

Hello Montreal Alouettes - can one of you answer?

I could be wrong but I think that the costs would be excessive. Would have to be inside,since outside space is for the Impact/Saputo stadium. Because of and Impact.


Sincèrement, si ce n'était pas une question d'économie, vous croyez qu'ils n'y pratiqueraient pas?

Remarquez que la surface du Stade Olympique n'est pas la plus intéressante non plus.