No Streaming No Network COverage

After all the BS hype about CFL streaming their Exhibition games i discover Tigercats/Als game is neither streamed or on TSN unless you have RDS. Another CFL marketing ploy that leaves their fans pissed off and diappointed in the Hamilton Area. Bush league gain !


Couldn’t agree more. The league can’t stream it because it’s on in french?



Trying the VPN. I’ll update in a couple of minutes

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It’s definitely a headscratcher to be sure . Begs the question , does anyone even watch this French version of TSN ? Ridiculous , absolutely ridiculous is all I can say .

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for those with ignite, rds is part of your flex channels. I went onto my rogers online profile and changed my NASA channel for RDS. It opened up the channel immediately.

doesn’t change anything about how bullshit this is though.

I’m using Nord connected to a Buffalo server. Looks like I’m going to get the stream.
Using the Ticats audio stream instead of RDS.

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Ah yes. Ticats audio. Great idea.

I feel like getting them synched up will be next to impossible

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There’s one thing that this league is great at and that is pissing off and totally alienating their dwindling fan base .


that is exactly what I said to my wife. she’s fuming. like really, what was the point of this? just pure stupidity.

Got it by using a vpn - USA - But it’s in French so
I’ll switch off the audio, and put on the Tiger-Cats radio Network

Absurd delay on my IPTV to the audio stream. May give up on this nonsense

Yes I did that too with Ignite and thought I would get it but still says require a subscription.
Stupid , BS league.

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Synched-up the Ticats audio and streaming feeds

How? Which one can you pause?

Ticats audio

I don’t have that option. How are you pausing?

you have went online and changed your flex channel? if so, once you have done that, turn your box off and on (don’t need to reset it). it’ll work immediately

btw, huge 50 yard run by shiltz. love to see the QB run with such ease!

I am using a Firefox browser and am on the “Listen Live” page. You can pause the audio