No stats for any Riders?

How come there's no stats for any Saskatchewan player on the stats page?

I came on here to compare our guys with the rest of the league and there isn't a single stat for anyone off the Riders, but there doesn't seem to be a problem for all the other team's players.

TSN usually has the stats part of the CFL up fairly quick, but it is very limited to the major offensive categories.

I think the CFL website is having some issues with the stats. I checked out the stats before week 2 had even started, and it had Kerry Joesph as the passing leader for 700+ yards. It had updated stats earlier. I noticed Flick on the receivers section with his 2 TD’s. But now it’s different. They’re having issues with the website it seems.

The CFL stats were out in todays paper, I was surprised to see no Kerry Joesph in the list of the top 8 QBs, no Sask players listed anywhere!!

good, no need to draw attention to ourselves... this is going to be a sneeky sneeky year

I think if you look at the PDF files instead of the HTML you will get the good stats on Saskatchewan.