No Stadium on Waterfront for either Lions or Whitecaps

You'd think the Lions mabey forsaw these problems coming and now you can understand why the Lions are and have been quite happy with having BC Place as their home:

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talk about things dragging on

and they expect to have a retractable roof on bc place by olympics, yeah, right.

yes. I believe the location changed a while ago. Well the location is adjacent so not that much of a change. Man Kerfoot has patience, the city is being ridiculous, now he has to deal with the feds.

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If the Whitecaps were smart theyd tell Vancouver City hall to stick it and try another location.

Bunch of wingnuts at City Hall!

I love the quote in your sig. I remember when Ro wrote that to me and I laughed my ass off.

Well your memory is flawed.
I did not write it to you

Yea vancouver city hall are a bunch of wingnuts. It is BS that you can only choose between one moron, and another moron.