No space on the Grey Cup

In November Vicki Hall wrote an article about the trophy running out of space for players' names ... n-grey-cup.

It's been 100 years. Isn't it time to end this silly habit of putting players' names on trophies? Even having the team name is a bit much and robs the cup of glory and respect. The FIFA world cup engraves the names on the bottom of the trophy to keep it out of sight and not mar the trophy. Other trophies keep a plaque in a headquarters somewhere with the names of the winning teams, while keeping the precious trophy pristine. It's long overdue for the Grey Cup to follow suit. When Canada gets an ice hockey trophy they should do the same.

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The Stanley Cup and Grey Cup is about the names, the greats, the memories that have won the trophy, not the look of the cup. Its the history the cup has the greats on the trophy itself I know of no other sport that does that and it makes it very in my mind Canadian for that. The Grey Cup before 1987 never had names on it anyways, and since they did give the trophy a new look adding the greats to the trophy i think its more historic and looks better.

Thats my opinion, thats why there's soocer and there's football

In the NHL when the Stanley cup is filled up they replace the ring and it goes into the Hall of Fame, so techincally the names of the players are not on the cup forever.

Im sure the CFL would do something similar

Good post Calgary Red! I hope the CFL follows the NHL lead. The history, the tradition. The Super Bowl and Major Legue trophies are so boring and ugly looking. Who wouldn't want to sip chapagne out of the same cup as other great players? Switch the sections in and out and let the tradition continue!

well, of course you like to share the glory that the greats had by sipping from the cup, but you don't have to put their names on it. their names are already on it for having won it. it's the winning that makes it special, not whose name is on it. would you want your name on the same cup as probert or bertuzzi? besides, it's a team award, so only team names must be on it, if any at all. the glory is in winning it.
as for simply switching out the sections, the article hinted that was not possible without altering the shape of the trophy, or something like that.

You mean the Allen Cup?

oh, we have one already? i didn't know. as far as professional ice hockey in canada is concerned i was aware only of the memorial cup and a small share in the stanley cup, which hasn't been canadian in more than a decade. i know the provinces have their own cups as well.

They can take off the bottom half and replace it with one of the same shape, just taking a ring of championships off and replacing it with open spots, the top half of the trophy is still the original part.

Its not very hard, and they’ll probably put the bottom half in the CFL Hall of Fame

The strips on the Grey Cup are vertical as opposed to the horizontal rings on the Stanley Cup. Removing a strip ruins the continuity.

I agree it might be a good idea to create a new blank base and start from there with the original base placed on display at the hall of fame.

And while we're at it, a new hall of fame would be nice too...

I always mis-spell it. Allan Cup not Allen Cup.

i wouldn't have told on you.

Agreed it's all about the history of great players that helped the team get the cup. They'll probably get a new blank base for the Grey Cup and start over. In my opinion the Grey Cup and Stanley Cup are the two best looking sports trophies out there.