no sooner said than........presto new QB. IN TOWN

…someone must have been listening…Casey (no not printers) Bramlet has arrived in town…big kid …only 28…6’4 225…supposed to have a nice touch on the ball…Has been around the nfl and nfl europe …7th. round pick of the Bengals in 04…Has been on the radar for quite awhile…We’re going to break this newest addition in slowly…he’ll be starting against the riders in the plunk…plunk bowl…JUST KIDDING…I’ll wait to see him in action before giving the :thup: or :thdn: :wink:

Wow! a 60k pay cut sure buys a lot in the CFL.

.... i think the Lefors situation might becoming to some sort of conclusion...with the mri and all.. :roll: :roll: :roll: I'll suit up for 60 K... :lol:

If Lefors was hurt early in the season, he should get his money. That’s only fair. He should also be kept on and see what he can do next year. When he is healthy.

Speaking of Bomber QBs, I think the chances are good that Bishop will have his best game of the year. He has another receiver now in Bowman, that should help! Bombers should be pumped to win this game. Its unfair but I suspect that if Bishop does not lead the team to a wn, he will be the fall guy, that`s just the way it goes. But I am hopeful that Bishop will have a big game now that he has another receiver to throw to.

Forget the running game and become a passing team, work the run in as the passing game opens up. Bishop`s Argo offense was pass first and run second, same deal in Sask. Being known as a running team, is a loser right out the gate. Blame that on Kelly I guess. Also the big almost record running games, where probably against a couple teams that had issues on those days, so to say the Bombers are the best running team in the CFL as some where saying in the media recently, is flawed I believe.

how many new guys do well in this league? so many former 1st and 2nd round picks only come up here to stink out the joint...

excuse me for not being to excited

Thinking nostalgically about Tee Martin and Andre Ware, perhaps?

Oh and by the way, Kellyfanatic. . .I'm curious. . . you are one and the same as "argofanone" and "paul_pearson", correct?

No just kellyfanatic, I had another name last season but forgot it.

Well if I was wrong sorry about that. . . but it strikes me that "paul_pearson" vanished from the Boards around the same time you joined. . . and you talk the same.

I remember Paul Pearson well, #25 Argos 80`s fantastic Canadian slot back. When ever Argos were in trouble they went to Pearson and he almost always came through. Clutch receiver for sure. Bombers could use a Paul Pearson right now,they have not got one. I am a Paul Pearson fan for sure!

You could play "guess the caption" with your sig pic.

I'll go first:

"Yo, Dougie, get this. We're in Edmonton, right? I just got sacked and we're like 2nd and calls this play that I don't even recognize, so I get in the huddle and say, okay, o-line, you guys gotta block man-up and gimme some time....and receivers, we need 20 yards, so run something deep. On two! Ball is snapped, right, and I see my guy cut an out at about 18 yards, wide side of the field. I let 'er rip, and, man, that ball went just kept going, right? Sucker landed like six rows up, still climbing."

Your bad and I'm the one that get's in trouble LOL!

Now there is a big movement to get Printers....

In the words of the immortal Homer Simpson: "It's funny 'cuz it's true."

By far the minority. Most Bomber fans that I know and/or post with don't want Printers setting foot in Winnipeg.

im not gonna hop on the bring in printers bandwaggon technically* cuz imo he wont help... but at the same time... bring him in! not cause hes casey printers but because he's a qb with some cfl experience, bring in anybody with cfl or nfl experience... with our quarterback situation we need competition, who knows what we may find? plus we still dont have a long term qb! so why not bring in printers... with a few other guys too... cap allowing ofcourse...

that being said im not saying run bishop out of town either... the guy had no preseason, has 2 wins here... had his best yardage and completion % game this past weekend against the riders (im trying to forget about the ints) so hey all around not horrible on his part, not good but not horrible... he still may improve.. who knows

Bramlet has been very impressive in the NCAA and NFL Europa leagues. At least the guy has playing time under his belt. He was also Matsakis QB at Wyoming and a teammate of Brock Ralphs. I'd say the connection is now more with Matsakis than Taman.

Taman put him on his neg list years ago. Being reunited with his college coach his pure coincidence.

Bramlet and Ralph are close friends, Ralph was trying to get him to come to Hamilton when he was there as well. Bramlet called Ralph and asked him about the coaching staff before he decided to come.

It's all in the news, which I know you read.

Once again your attempt to flame a situation on this board makes you look silly.

....YES....but apparently Taman threw that napkin he had Bramlets name on into a 7/11 bucket....along with the other neg list guy he had accumulated in his last six months in the Peg... :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm sure at least some of it found its way to Regina....