No Single/Rouge on a missed-FG that hits the posts?

So Winnipeg's Kicker Westwood just made an attempt at goal and hit the upright.

Why is this not worth a single point? It would seem logical to me that a ball that hits the uprights (regardless of whether it goes in or not) should be worth a single point (definitely not play-on though).

Hitting the goalposts is the only situation in which you play-on after a kick at goal (it looks like).

I don't think there should be any points awarded. For a field goal, the ball needs to go through the uprights; for a single, it needs to go through the endzone. When the ball hits the uprights, it does neither. I agree with the current rule.

should be a Single or a live ball in my opinion, I'm counting it as a single in the current game and NO ONE CAN STOP ME!!!

In Aussie Ball, there used to count balls that hit the uprights as a point, no if it hits and goes back on to the field, it's a live ball and no points.

Maybe the CFL should chaged it to a live play since the ball tonight could have been played, but I like the Single better so I vote for a Single point.

Live play would be okay - definitely exciting.

C'mon, everyone!!!

This is the CFL!!! there is no such thing as a "deadball" unless it goes OTB or is an incomple pass.

why would you get a point for missing a FG?

But he still hit the post for a least one point, gotta count somehow. We used to do that in Aussie ball.

No offense meant, KK, but this isn't Aussie ball. :wink:

so?? it's a miss, you already get a point for putting it through the endzone

anyways... i made a list( in my head) on whos @ss im kicking... troy westwood is number one! :twisted:

The ball didn’t cross the goal line… so how can you possibly award points?

Yeah, the ball crossed the endzone line and wasn't returned, so that counts as a Single.

Maybe it would be better if the play was live after the "hit", but I'm still saying that tonights score is 14 to 13 Edmonton.


I know, but that is a cool rule! and was a connection between games!

Maybe the ball beening live is a better choice. 8)

So with that said twice, How many would like it if the ball remained live after the hit off the goal post??? C'mon! show of hands!

that would be interesting... but i dont think so... lol :smiley:

what about 4 points for hitting the crossbar, then if you needed 4 points for the tie or win, you would see place kickers (or drop kickers) aiming for the crossbar. or you could say that a drop kick is worth 4 points unless it hits the crossbar in which 5 points are awarded or you could also say that 7 points could be awarded for an unconverted touchdown if the ball hits the crossbar and a player catches it. so with all of the rule changes you could have the maximum points being that

touchdown off the crossbar 7 points
50 yard convert off the crossbar while dropkicked 3 points (extra point for drop kick, extra point for crossbar)

or we could just leave the point system as is.

When the ball hits the crossbar it is concidered a dead ball. The rule came into efect when (i have no idea what year) a missed fieldgoal hit the bar bounced into the arms of a player on the kicking team and he brought it in for a touchdown. Since the ball is dead the receiving ball has no change to return it and no point is awarded

Well, at least I got Kanga-Kucha to follow my lead on this one.

The Aussie Rules…rule…is the one that I was referencing to…balls hit the crossbar a lot, but previously that used to be a play-on with a garbage ball to shoot for. They changed it, I believe, for safety reasons.

Basically, the contention here is that the goalposts are not considered “in play,” and that we have this void between a FG and a single, where 0 points are scored. This is pretty lame, and I believe a single should be awarded for hitting the post. It doesn’t happen often, but it means that a FG attempt will never end with the defense getting the ball at the previous LOS.

Thanks Steve!

Tvor, nice ideas to think abou, but I don't know abou doing them.