we could use Simon but, no Joe could mean go for the running game! hopefully we see 4 quarters of football from the team! slotback Greg Hetherington is slated to play, and of course Logan taking no-show-joe's place! hoping to see good yardage from him!My opinion is let the guys who are hungry and show it in the game let them play! The riders have shown they can get great play from 2nd 3rd..... stringers who want to win, and Hamilton can win without Printers and Lumsden so why should'nt other teams have success? Should be interesting Friday! If the Lions are serious about this season I expect a win if not well..................

No Show Joe, that's pretty good. :lol:

But is Simon really not playing? Cripes. That means I'm down to 2 receivers this week. :?

I think Joe Smiths days are numbered Chief. I can't beleive he wont be at the game tonight to show his support.

Time to cut him.

step aside Joe, Stefan 'Weapon-X' Logan is on his way to being an every game starter.

From what I've seen so far Joe needs 2 incorperate his private life dialed on winning and football and getting his rebelious attitude on team level! It was cute when he was stepping up ! now it just shows lack of disipline and disrespect! Joe your sinking like the Titanic! step up or step off! I used 2 like you but Logan looks better right now! and I'll take what is best 4 my team over personal faves!