no sift arm rule

I must say, I like the no sift arm rule now that has been implemented this year, cuz it give the O too much of a advantage over the D, it's injury prone, and the O can still get away from the D by moving around and flexing the body.

A sift arm?

You get that when you sift pancake flour to make pancakes from scratch....Geez jm02, you're a teacher and you didn't know that???? :wink: :wink: :wink:

lol - consider the source, Sporty.....coulda meant anything.... :wink:

An old familly recipe. Sift flour, beat in eggs. Same thing for Waffles too. Mrs Sportsmen does it that way from time to time. Its an old, old recipe...(Shows my age!)

The rule is that only a ball carrier may put his hands to another players face. He may not grasp though. All other players will be penalized 10 yards.

How many yards for grabbing the flour bag

Kanga, this new rule of yours must be harder said then comprenez :slight_smile:

And how does a rule get injured? makes even less sense once you figure out he's talking about pancakes..... :wink:

Theres a recipe for meories on the Jason who? Topic.....

They are made from Sifted flour too! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Excuse me while I sift through KK's mind.... ok done. It is now devoid of any matter whatsover...

oh cmon people, the old sift arm, not a stiff arm, a sift arm, you gotta know what KK was talking about, like the AP, it exists in his world......

Don't be a sift! You are full of sift!

oh ya.....well your.... there hah....

Thats not the first I have heard that! How is your sifter!
Well Kanga how does it feel to have your thread hijacked!

Hey.....KK contributed to this hijacking, albeit in a very indirect way.....sift.....who writes sift?

this puppy didnt have a hope in He!! from the get go.....hijacked.....I think we got this baby back on the rails now....

He didnt learn the first time around... KK, NEVER TYPE ANYTHING IN THIS FORUM AFTER YOU HAVE HAD A FEW BEERS....

The question now is what is a sift arm? And does that hurt?