No Shame Green - BC Guy

Hey, this BC guy liked what happened today; hard hitting game. This game belonged to BC but the Riders have a solid core.

The green and white are getting closer; only a few players away. No need to make major changes.

Don't forget, this guy and many other rate the Riders the #2. Saskatchewan fans are #1; don't ever lose it. Soon it will be your turn. Your fundamental core is built, as long as it is not dismantled.

BC guy

Thanks for the will be an interesting off season to see what transactions take place. I hope not too many changes. I would still like to see Barrett as our coach.

I want Danny too, but I dont think Tillman is gonna go for it..

Thanks BC guy. Quite a season for our two teams. First and last game didn't go our way but there is never shame in losing to the best team in the league. Also, as far as I am concerned a great Grey Cup match to be played, best in the west ( 13-5 ) vs best in the east ( 10-8 ). Go West, Go BC.

At this point, I don't think Danny wants to stay either.

I really think we are only a QB away from going to the big game. KJ has struggled all year, and I for one would welcmoe a change at that position.

Can anyone tell me if we have signed KJ to a multi-year contract or was this a one-off thing?


Thanks to Saskatchewan for bringing out the best performance from BC in the west final game. Saskatchewan gained much respect from beating BC in 3 regular games which is no easy task. But BC still has Saskatchewan's number in playoff games.

The contract that KJ was signed to was concocted by the Renegades. Not sure of the terms, but it seemed to be for at least 2 or 3 seasons. Will need to go back to the signings last winter to know for sure!

3 year, $1,200,000 contract i believe, including bonuses.

Well we got rid of kent austin (which was what we needed to do) or else we woulda had another losing season and we are working on other transactions..

There is a white out going on outside,,,,did it cause some sort of time warp????

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