No Seating on Concourse Levels @ THF ???

Does anyone have any information (or comments) as to when (or IF) there will be seating made available on the concourse levels at THF?

The absence of regular or bench style seating seems somewhat strange. … certainly when compared to Ivor Wynne.

Seating would clearly would make for a much more enjoyable place to enjoy something from the concessionaires.

Here's an idea. Get your food and drink and then go sit in your seat, where you can cheer the team on! Too many people walking around or just standing around talking. The team needs to see people in the stands not wandering out of sight on concourse levels. You want to "enjoy something from the consessionaires" do it in your seat.
That's just my opinion.

Your absolutely right :thup: We need people in their seats making Noise on DEFENCE ! It is clearly helping this team :rockin:

A lot of this stadium, although an improvement to IWS, seems to be done to minimum standards. My guess is benches on the concourse level is something the city or team could add once construction is complete and they get the keys to the facilities. I could go on about other deficiencies I've noticed but I don't want to be negative. I am very happy with how this stadium has turned out so far, and hope that the items I am too polite to mention can be addressed once IO hands over the keys to the city.


It's the same in Ottawa, the fans stand 4 or 5 deep on the concourse watching the game rather than sitting in their seats. I guess it's easier to stand there and buy beers rather than going back and forth from your seat.
That's why you will see the empty seats on TV, people crowding in the concourse.
People can probably cheer just as loud from there.

Seating or a table area just like a house isn't part of the contruction budget. Do you expect a homebuilder to build your house and then buy a kitchen table for you?

Same with buying a used house. It may come with a Stove but it isn't coming with couches and tables.

The city has yet to take over official occupancy. The earliest that will happen is November 28th. Once the city and ticats have more than 12 hours to set up im sure you'll see more amenities like seating.

OSS is building this stadium. Just like Bob Young had to shell out $5 million for team area upgrades he will have to shell out for things like tables and chairs for the concessions. Im sure the couches in the endzone for the seagrams suites were purchased by the cats and weren't provided by OSS. They were purchased and installed because ppl had already paid for those suites. Nobody paid for tix to sit at a picnic table by the concessions.

Further, the cats had to buy their own office furniture for their offices as well as workout equipment. Same goes for the stadium eating area which im sure will be done over the winter/ spring.

The stadium is still a construction zone. Only the necessities to get the game going are provided.

The conocurse is very narrow. I sit in the wheelchair section & people were pushing against & leaning on my wheelchair for the majority of the game. The security tried to move them along, but they would say they had every right to stand wherever they wanted,

City of Hamilton : Leading the Dominion of Canada in petty complaining since 1867.

Lmao. sounds about right

Seriously though, the West lower concourse is a nightmare at halftime, although to be fair having been to TD place, it's just as bad there. I mean, it's packed to the brim. Now I'm not sure if sectioning off the concession and bathroom lines would help, but if there is one complaint about the stadium, that would be it.

why would you put seats on the concourse? the stadium is full of seats already, sit in one of those. This is the stupidest thread ever.

Yup - sort of have to laugh. The most often heard complaint about THF seems to be how crowded and congested the Concourse/Concession area gets - especially at halftime - and now we’ve got a thread about adding some benches or chairs for people to sit on in that area?

If we were looking for suggestions to make it more crowded - as opposed to suggestions to help make it less congested - this bench and chair idea would be a good one! lol

Watching from the west side, in the second half, it seemed like a third of the east stands were watching the game from the concourse because of the rain or maybe they were still waiting in line for food. At least there is that option in the new stadium compared to IWS.

people enjoy the open spaces and mingling around. It helps for when a few people buy up some singles they have room to meet up and watch the game.
As for the couches and table seating in the Segrans and Coors Light patio where probably paid for from the sponsor money they got from such sections.
The Wide seats were put in for the reason of the small bench seating at Ivery wynn. So i would doubt that they would add bench seating.
The concourse area was built bigger than ivory wynn so there would be more room without seats.

Seriously, the concourse is bigger? I seriously wouldn't have thought so but I sure haven't got the measurements. The crowding of washrooms and concourse areas is the only drawback to the new stadium. At the game I left my seat in the NW corner on the 200 level and set off to find a souvenir stand. Couldn't. I actually spent 10 minutes trying to get 3/4 of the way across the concourse to get to the operating stand at the SW corner. Gave up. It was wild. Didn't get the souvenirs.

There seems to be something about the configuration that impedes traffic flow. I hope that there are some small fixes that can be employed once the formal construction is finished. My guess is that we will see an improvement but I sure can't figure out how it will be accomplished. Not my area of expertise.

I think a big factor is that when people line up for the concessions, it's not robed off in that maze line configuration, so you have lines of people on the concourse who obstruct traffic while they wait for the concessions.

My biggest issue with the stadium is that they don't have the big blue 'A' painted on the urinal mats. :wink:

The small concourses (with no TV's) are a close second.

Do you even read what you write? Completely unintelligible.

Eastside concourse has TVs. I think we’ll have to wait till next season to have all the bells and whistles installed and working.

The whole situation could’ve been a lot worse. We may not have had a home at all this year.

I agree king10. It could've been worse. I personally get anything I want from the concessions BEFORE halftime and do not leave my seat in the second half unless humanly possible. Nature does call on occasion. :lol: