No "Schultz vs. the World" this year?

I don't seem to see Schultz's weekly game picks this year on TSN's site. Anyone know why they got rid of it? Was the "world" doing a little too well against the Big Man? :lol:

Hes an idiot

He's not my favorite commentator, but he at least has a lot of football knowledge (specifically, the offensive line).


Like to see a guy that has a passion for the league and he seems to know the game well enough (better than any of us anyway).

I always looked forward to his picks.

He’s been hit too many times in the head… Still tries to use big words though.

Schultz is still working for TSN as a game commentator on television. Unfortunately for gamblers, Schultz is not posting CFL picks because fading his side pointspreads was profitable in previous years.