No Rush

No rush to find a new coach, no point in firing someone just for the sake of firing someone, don't want to sign any players that don't want to be long term, and on and on. This has become a joke, 5 games with out a touchdown and no one in this organization is in a rush. This has become the ultimate embarrassment to the people of Hamilton. No one should even think about rushing out to buy a ticket for another game until management fields something that resembles a competitive team with a coach who actually does coach. :?

Coaching wise…whom do you suggest???

Player wise…Jesse Lumsden clearly doesn’t want to be here…or he would by now. Anyone else?

Leo, I want to respectfully disagree. I work in a fairly senior administrative position and every day I face decisions between quick fixes and long term improvements.

Sometimes it is hard to 'bite the bullet' and let a short term opportunity go by because I know that in the long run it will only sidetrack us. At other times the immediate need wins out.

There doesn't seem to be an immediate need right now. It sounds strange but the season isn't on the line. It's over.

I do expect some bodies to come up for the last 4 games or so- but I expect these ones to be hand-picked and worked through Desjardin's network of contacts rather than just grabbing somebody who looks like he might be a bit better than what we have.

Load up too much on bodies that you don't really want long term and then you risk lots of complications.

Your right there possibly could not be any NFL cuts who would come here or a coach in North America that might figure out how to score a touch down.

I don't think anybody has said that. The issue is one of finding the right people, isn't it?

I agree with Leo that the fans will be in NO rush to watch this embarrassing football team.It's hard to believe that our new GM and our old interm coach our in no rush to replace a quarter back who hasn't throw a touchdown pass in 5 games,l guess they are happy with a 2 and 11 team!

This is my last shot at it.

Would you prefer to win 1/2 the games of the rest of the season and go 7 and 11 next year or would you prefer to win 1-2 games more this year and have a good chance to go 10 and 8 next year?

Yes, I KNOW that you want to see a better team....
and it's embarassing RIGHT NOW.

But stop for a moment and tell me- if you could only have one of the choices, which would it be?

It's a lousy choice, it 'stinks', but it's pretty close to reality right now.

Mark that's the reality they want you to believe because it makes the most sense financially. The tickets are sold for this season so they don't feel the need to spend any money. They will come up with a huge marketing campaign in the off-season and try win all the disgruntled fans back. Reality is the team is an embarrassment to the CFL and if they had taken a pro active attitude say five games ago we may have scored a touch down or even won a couple of games. Look no further than the Argos at how they handled their situation when their offence struggled after a couple of games. This has been going in Hamilton for well over 2 years and now after 5 score less game you still by the crap that no one is available.

No. I'm actually quite cynical about this team. I am NOT convinced that the original intent was to put the best possible product on the field; I do believe that a cost-benefit analysis was done and that it was believed that a profit could be turned without going 'all out' on the football side.

Then, after last year, the realization set in that football was 'pretty important' after all.

At this time an inexperienced and perhaps divided management team was in place. Lots of effort went into signing bodies (the very approach that I fear now) and now we have a mess.

This is MY break point. We have what should be part of amuch improved management team in place. Now the right coach must be found and the KEY players.

I feel pretty safe in saying that there are lots of people like me who are giving this current regime one last kick at showing some football acumen.

Whether they are secret and cynical schemers themselves, inept bumblers, honest people who have given it their best shot but who made mistakes and faced adversity, doesn't matter much to the fans at this point.

We're down to wanting results.

The difference is that you want them right now and I want to see the longer-term honest-to-goodness football plan.

Ask me again in a year and I may be yelling louder than you.

Well said, but if we are in this boat next year no one will be around to hear you scream.

Well this has got to be one of the more civil threads on the ticats forums of I'm disapointed in the performance on the field, but not to the point where I'm "about to cut off my nose to spite my face" :lol:

So many threads are about fixing a blame, but reality dictates that we have a problem, we need to access what we have in the way of players ability. There will be a new coach bringing in a new "OC". I will give them the chance to fix things for a better season next year. I just would like to see us try the "young guns" and let them get some time playing.

Let's hope that things turn around and we at least get to see some TD's from the Ticats soon. :thup:

By the way...well thought out posts above! :thup: :thup:

If you are going to do a job do it right.

The Cats want to fix this situation correctly one time, not by weekly trial and error.
If you really believe that the management is sitting back and laughing while counting their money then I have some beach front property in Iraq to sell you.
Bob Young did not make his millions by being complacent and sitting on his laurels.

They put the first piece into place a couple weeks ago by hiring a new and competent GM.

The second step is to determine which available head coach can bring in a system that best suits the long term goals of the team.

The third step is to evaluate the personnel and find out which players fit into that system and which do not.

The Cats have plethora of good ruuning backs so maybe they want to bring in a ball control offence that utilizes the run and a very stingy defence.
On the other hand they may decide to go after a better QB and have a pass happy offence similar to what the Argos ran under Kent Austin.

Time needs to be taken to make sure it is done correctly so that it is successful in both the short and long time frames.

As the old adage says: Patience is a virtue and Lord knows we have been patient for a long time so a few more months shouldn't make too much difference.

This team needs more than a quick fix. So in that respect I would agree with Marcel Desjardins. This season is over. First things first. He needs a new coach who can then hire some new assistants.Then they can assess the players and bring new people in.
My only problem with this is that the Maas situation needs to be fixed right now but it does not look as if Marcel wants to do anything about it. Get Maas out of there for the sake of the fans and the rest of the season. I would rather see Williams come in and learn on the job if he can spark this teams offence. Even if they lose at least they would have an opportunity go out fighting. I don't see that happening without a QB change.

Get Maas out of there for the sake of the fans and the rest of the season. I would rather see Williams come in and learn on the job if he can spark this teams offence. Even if they lose at least they would have an opportunity go out fighting. I don't see that happening without a QB change.
I second that EMOTION.

Although, having said that ... I feel the 'Maas Starting against his old Team' storyline to be rather intriguing.

Win, Lose, or Draw I say let Maas have the next two games to MAKE A STAND ... then shut him down while we watch the kids play the remainder of the season ... just to make it interesting.


Give Desjardins a chance to fix this team his way. TiCat fans are always so quick to second guess, criticize, condemn, and of course complain. Senior managers are paid for their ability, knowledge, vision, and resiliency. We have no other option but to hope he's the right man for the job.


Maas has had all season to do his job. I think that he should be consigned to third-string for the next two games. I don't think that there is a team out there who thinks that they can lose to him, and I'm sure that Edmonton are just licking their chops with the Tabbies. Eakin for one game, just to see if he sticks around next year, and Williams for the one in Edmonton, to see if he can be a back-up.

I can see the sentimentality of keeping Maas as starter the next two games, but he hasn't earned it. He's had 13 games to earn it, and if he were working at my place of employment, he would have been fired months ago.

In the last 2 games, Jason used a simplified playbook designed for him
and he was given greater control of the play calling,

Still, Jason's passing was definitely not at a first string QB level.

Whether it takes Jason 4 games or it takes 7 games, Mean,
the Ticats must find out whether or not Jason is worth the $$$ he's paid.

If he's not, they can get rid of him in the off season.

It would surpise me if Jason doesn't play
up to his former level before this season is out.

Kevin Eakin should see as much action as possible, too,
so Marcel can evaluate him to see if he wants him back.

Kevin has fallen off a lot from his play in 2005.

It would be valuable for Marcel to see Ritchie Williams play
but he should get a pass and be invited back.

Even though we do not know who the coach is going to be next year we should still be bringing in players to see what they can do.

We can invite any prospects to training camp next year.

The CFL offers an expanded practice roster for the next 30 days and we are letting an opportunity slip away.

If a player is good even at a position where we are strong we will not turn him away. The idea is to get better.

Bring in LBs WRs DBs and DLs every day.
If not for this year then for next.

Well it looks the players are starting to show up, now we just need a coach who actually looks interested in playing some of them.

I;ll never say i;d give up on our team because i never will;but at this point in MR.YOUNG;S ownership i expected away better team;Thats a simple statement now tell me why i;m wrong to say that?????????????