No running = No winning

First quarter our run game looks great. Brings balance to the offense. We move the ball well. O-line gets a chance to attack and does a good job of it.

Second quarter the run is abandoned, Zach gets picked and we are losing at half time after the nicest start this year.

If Kent is calling these plays and stopping the run calls then I truly am baffled.

No excuse for this! :thdn:

If the run is abandoned in the second half then kiss this game goodbye.

Glad to see they came back to it while they could.

Sets up a precedence for the rest of the season (hopefully) and gives the offense more options and weapons to use.

No guff.

Why would we run the ball? We were having success.

You didn't expect Austin to continue running when it was successful did you?

Are you new here?


Not running the football is what got Austin fired as Argo OC in 2006 when Ricky Williams was an Argonaut.
He doesn't learn.

Austin wasnt calling the plays last night

How do you know that?

I don't get not running when a team is behind unless they're really behind and late in the game. If the opposing defense knows they won't run the ball because they're down it just sets them up to get further behind. Winnipeg was slow to start against the Argos earlier in the week but they put a lot of work into establishing the run in the first half, and they maintained it and used it to their advantage the rest of the game.

We have a guy that can produce. Why are we not using him? Scheuerman had a phenomenal game last season before he was injured. Back at it this season, he got a few opportunities on Saturday and he looked like he hadn't missed a beat. Can't say the same about other players returning after a season ending injury...

This guy can move when needed. If we don't utilize him while we have him, he can easily take his talent somewhere else, and we will lose someone who can get things done.

And a season consists of more than one game. IMO if we run this week, then the opponent next week has to respect that possibility. If we don't run when we are behind, or on second down, or whatever, the other DCs must take notice. I'm sure they calculate tendencies based on formations, yardage required, and field position. If they don't, what the heck do they do on these 12 hour days we keep reading about?

I feel the same with our "Z" receiver. If we don't use him, the other teams can ignore him. Sure, once in a while they get burned, but rarely enough and for few enough yards to take the gamble. The elite teams use all their "weapons", in a variety of situations.

This really is a dead topic. Austin will not run, regardless of whether it is working or not working--regardless of the situation in the game -- regardless of whether it is the right thing to do.

We should save our breathes and talk about something else.

And it doesn't matter who calls the plays -- Austin will not call running plays, and, I'm convinced he will not allow the OC to call run plays either.

As long as he's coach, we will not see this change under any circumstance.

I'm afraid you're bang on Tommyboy. A dead issue.

Unless it is all a ruse, like the Russian approach to hockey. Lull the opposition through the regular season, then run a two back set in the post-season? Mr Inside and Mr Outside? Stuff that rock right up their wazoo.

No, on sober thought, I believe you're completely right :smiley: !