No Running Game

Whats wrong with our running game. Is it DeAndra Cobb who gained 15 lbs (of muscle, I presume) in the off season
to give him extra power and keep him from getting hurt, OR is it our "O" line?

Either way, we have no running game and are therefore missing a very important dimension of our offense. :thdn:

I think we have never really had a running game that I can remember
last year deandra was the type of back that coudl break on every once in a while but overall the running game was suspect from an o-line push and hole creation etc…
last year we coudln’t push the ball in from close and we have not fixed this issue…
i would not be suprised id thigpen gets a look

The Cats line is not good at "pushing" back the defence. Also, I would like to see the receivers(other than Stala)do some more blocking. Yeah, the running game needs some work.


OH! I SEE WHAT YOU MEAN! :roll: :roll:

This guy Cobb looks slow hitting the holes when there is one, changing the subject a bit get Bauman off the field and put MacKay in there this guy plays with a little enthusiasm something I think we lack

How about a second running back like lets see, Thigpin! Man would that open a few opportunitys for the offence!!

You Can't run without Blocking the Hoggies are not doing there Job..

TSN headline ' Roughriders finish off the Lions with some good old fashioned hardnosed running! Take note, this is Hamilton Tiger Cat Football - we are not playing ringette! Dig down real deep and find it within yourselves to coach these guys and try something entirely different fron last and this year so far " Run Blocking - A Smash Mouth Runner - The Killer Instinct " Wake up for crying out load - I don't pay good hard earned money to watch high school football.

Love your comment armchair you are bang on, I for one am tired of the constant losing and mediocore play they look like they are still in exhibition games. Wake up is right.

Fans here are kind of ridiculous, first of all we were trailing in the4th so we were in no possition to finish off calgary secondly it's not the coaches fault if are running game isn't working.

Overal we moved the ball well and we did a lot of good things and all your whinning and yelling is pointless, do you all think the coaching staff is going to come on here and actually listen to any of you? No, they're too busy disecting each play and watching closely at what each player is doing on every play and figuring out why things didn't work.

We lost a game to a good team by one point, get over yourselves.

Um, yes, it could well be the coaches' fault if the running game isn't working. There are different factors to consider. If your running formations and plays are predictable and repetitive, it will be hard for you to run the ball effectively. On the other hand, if the line doesn't create a seam for the back, or the back doesn't hit the holes with conviction, it will be a long day on the ground. To say that the coaches can't be held accountable for a poor running game is a fallacious statement in and of itself.

It’s not the coaches fault the running game does not work!!! Sorry to burst your bubble my friend it IS the coaches fault becuase they are responsible for the level of talent on the flipping field. Did you notice how well Calgary COULD run the ball when they needed too? This team will go absolutley NO where with the present offensive and deffensive philosopy. WE are by are by far the team that can be beat.

drexl wrote:

       "they're( the coaches)  too busy disecting each play and watching closely at what each player is doing on every play and figuring out why things didn't work."

drexl: Are you just dreaming or do you purposely write posts like this to stir things up?
The coaches have had lots of experience doing this since the beginning of last season but so far it hasn’t worked. I see the same predictable and ineffective plays still being called. They seem to stick to some pre-determined game plan without making any adjustments when it doesn’t work.
This team has a lot of talent. Maybe the OC should spend less time on dissecting and more time on figuring out how to get the best out of the players we have.
That failed third and one attempt was doomed from the start. The play option pass does nothing in that situation except give the opposition more time to react. We have two big QB’s and a lot of big guys to put in front of them. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the shortest way across the goal line is straight ahead…and the offence always has the advantage in that situation. They brought Porter in for a play before that…why did they not give him a running play? I can answer that myself I guess seeing as we had no running game to speak of for the entire four quarters. That in itself is an indication we are not prepared properly. All we seemed able to do was throw the ball to AB3 with the occasional completion to Dave Stala or McDaniel. The coaching staff seemed to run out of ideas after Marcus Thigpen scored his touchdown.
I hate to admit it…but Calgary’s play calling and execution was way better than ours. Why are we so far behind?
Winnipeg, Montreal and Saskatchewan all face this team before the end of the month. It appears to me they are all way ahead of this team in development so far. I hope we can catch up soon or we could be out of the playoffs before the summer is over.

Agree mr62. And what ticks me is that because we essentially have the same team as last year, there was hype about how our play book could be expanded, both offensively and defensively. Well.....I ain't seeing it. Still looks like the same vanilla offense as last year (with the exception of that "hook and ladder" which while looked didn't gain us any extra yards. Bruce end up as far as Stala was when Stala pitched the ball back to Bruce.

Yes it was Huffnagel breaking all those tackles and turning nothing into something lol, definitely not Reynolds, it was all big John and his mighty x's and o's. If you haven't noticed every team runs the same exact plays, our running plays are no different, and from what I saw we actually did a good job on second and short with Porter in the game.

We moved the ball fairly well and maybe we need a power back or maybe our line is just not a run blocking unit, but whatever it would be nice to run the ball better but I have seen this team rush for 200 yards a game under Taffe and yet only score 10 points a game, I'd rather see us throw for 300 a game and figure out a way to be a power team when we have to.

Sorry to burst your bubble my fellow Tiger Cat supporter. A balanced attach is far better than throw - throw - throw. That type of pradictable play calling will get you exactly where we are now 0 -2. The run sets up the pass and pass sets up the run. An one dimentional teams gets absolutely now where. Marcel had better get his head out of the clouds and start correcting the problems immediately or we will suffer another Maple Leaf year ----- all talk and no action. BLah - BLah - BLah - Good teams figure out the problems quick and make the neccessary adjustments. The Tiger Cats seem to want to fail becuase they very seldom make the required adjustments in the game or between games to be successful!

On occaison how about using a QB that can run ? If the coaches cant dream up anything better to do In the redzone why not let Porter simply run it in ?

Even the most anti Porter types probably noticed yesterday a mobile QB does come in handy in certain situations.

Your acting like it’s all the coaches fault, alot of responsibility lies on the players, look at Toronto they were able to run the ball and they did it by being extremely predictable, they ran every first down.

We’ll eventually get it going, our passing game will open up running lanes, it’s not the end of the world and some fans need to calm down lol.

zontar: Exactly.
Heck....I would have settled for a draw play! Anything to put some life into the play calling.

drexl wrote:
"We'll eventually get it going, our passing game will open up running lanes, it's not the end of the world and some fans need to calm down lol."

drexl: Calm down????
Quite the's you who needs to wake up!
This team is not playing to its potential.