No room for Corey?

It just goes to show you how messed up the management of the Ticats has been this year. They ship Holmes back to the Green Riders because they could not find room for him. What does he do today? He runs all over the Cats. If you can't find room for a guy like that, you have no business coaching or managing a football team. I agree with a lot of posters on here, it is time to clean house.

Holmes is NOT that good. Armstead is better and just look at our Running backs. Lumsden,Caulley, and Davis have all shown they can handle the load. Quit looking for things to complain about when something better has happened in the same spot.

I find some things here familiar from the Riders thread.

What has Armstead done?

Holmes did run all over us, just like DJ did last week.

Holmes ran all over us while we had Caulley and Davis run over them. We traded a strength,RB, for a need,WR, so what i’m saying is don’t complain about how we traded Holmes.

But look who they are running over! THE TICATS! enough said

Corey did play very well today. If the game was competitive today I wouldn't have found him to be so entertaining. However, once it was out of reach (2nd quarter) I enjoyed watching him do his thing again. I've been a Holmes fan for years and I missed that touchdown dance! Good job Corey :thup:

However, I don't think he is "haunting" us. He's a great player but he wasn't being utilized so he was useless here. You really have to consider, if he would do a better job than Jesse running the ball. I would say no.

Holmes is a good player, there is no disputing that. He comes to Hamilton, and you don't even notice him. Why? Because he doesn't get used. And the managements reasoning, they couldn't find a spot for him. Most fans can see several spots. He goes back to the Green Riders, and he picks up where he left off. Armstead comes to Hamilton, and he becomes a nobody. Why is that? He looked half decent with the Riders.

Hey Sack Attack, looking for something to complain about, how about our record the last 3 years. I have been going to games since I was 6 in 1972 and this is the worst I have seen. The Riders have 8 guys starting that apparently weren't good enuf for the Cats. There was know effort today, Printers continues to miss receivers, there are no DBs , our best player is always hurt, all our great draft picks are either a bust or taking too long to pan out. It just seems other teams have know problem replacing injured players except us. Bob Young has made some major mistakes with his hiring, ie you would think that players would be auditioning for next year, but that doesn't even motiviate the players. And if someone writes back that Bob is great and were lucky he doesn't pick up and leave, well go ahead all go watch the Argos and the Bills

There you go. You got my point exactly. Holmes is the last thing you need to complain about when you go all that other stuff. Everybody is complaining about how we didn't use Holmes isn't complaining about the right thing.

Corey's dance was the worth the price of admission. That was a thing of sure beauty!!!!! I laughed for a good minute. Sweet!
BTW Did that happen before Armstead ran the ball out of the endzone or after Armstead dropped the touchdown pass? Better ask Desjardins.

As much as I like Corey Holmes as a player and as a person, I still have to agree with Sack_ Attack's sentiments.

I'd rather have Amrstead, especially when our running game is so good.

Curry could do better than Armstead on run backs. Desjardins should have traded Corey Holmes to get back one of the defensive backs or offensive lineman he gave away.

Why oh why are they not using Curry on returns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One week he wins the special teams award, the next he's gone.
In what parallel universe does that make any sense?

P.S. That's 2 boneheaded plays by Armstead in our own endzone.

Read the paper this morning.

Cory says God wanted him back in Sask. Corey wanted to do well in Hamilton but God wasn't having any of it. God also granted Sask. a home playoff game. God must have wanted Flick and the other ex-Ticats that have contributed to that playoff berth in Sask. to be there.

According to C. Holmes, who speaks directly to God from midfield at the end of games, it's not Ticat management that's at fault here, this has all been a part of His plan.

He's a strict Calvanist, I guess. My theological and philosophical sentiments lean more towards Molinism on this issue. :slight_smile: