No risk, no reward

I'll end the suspense for you. Ottawa did run out the clock. We don't have to speculate on whether or not they could have. They did. They key was that they did get first downs, at will, because they were going up against our defence.

This means that, had we actually gone for it on third down and missed, Ottawa would have got the ball back in roughly the same circumstances as they actually did last night - only with a 2-point lead instead of 1-point. I'm pretty sure they could have run out the clock (because they did).

I'm even more sure that most people (including me) would have thought Austin made a huge mistake by not trying to kick for the game winning points when he had a chance.

Sorry if I made you feel unwelcome on the board. So many people criticize the coach for every possible reason, and I lumped you in with the rest.

Sure we could have ran but we didn't. Right call, poor pass. While we ran the ball well (better than most games) we were also passing very well in the second half (which some people seem to have forgot). The receiver was wide open, just a terrible pass at the wrong time. If he completes that pass NO one is complaining right?

RB's coach Campbell took a "no risk" approach on the one yard line .
Campbell chose not to go for a touchdown attempt or even a field goal at the risk of a turnover occurring resulting in a big return and Ti-Cats scoring to win the game.
I was very surprised at Campbell's no risk approach ,maybe it shows his confidence in his team on home field Friday against us next game?
With his decision his RB's won the game and moved three points ahead of us in the standings,he took no risk and took two points home on the road.
Theres little chance Ti-Cats tie RB's now since they are three points up in the standings,if it were two....hmmmm

I thought the offense played well enough to win the game...the problem is with the defense....Running that zone coverage instead of man to man.( check out Calgary's DB, the receivers back pockets all game )..I almost forgot...someone should teach defensive players the art of tackling, it might help!