No risk, no reward

To be blunt and to the point, Austin rarely takes chances. No risk, no reward! Case in point; 2 and a half minutes left, third and four at the Ottawa 40. he decides to kick a risky 47 yarder. Instead, my thinking is, you go for the 4 yards. If you fail to get it, you are still a field goal away from winning it (2 point deficit). If you get the 4 yards, you continue to eat up the 2 and a half minutes and get yourself into a lower risk field goal to win it.
First case scenario; you miss the 4 yards and ott gets the ball. The defence was consistently stopping ott with 2 and outs. They take it on the 40 and let's say they go two and out. Cats get ball back with time to move back into field goal range. Yes, a few things have to go right but you got nothing to lose at this point.
Second scenario; you make the 4 yards. How many 4 yard plays does Cats have in their play book? Quite a few with lots of looks.
Austin refuses to take any chances out there and we are leaving games on the field. We are at risk of falling out of the play-offs if Argos perform miracles in the last 3 games. Cats may not win again this year! A real possibility.
About time Austin starts taking a few chances and trust his guys.

Amen. brother , why did he not run the ball on second and four …makes me sick

Please tell me the first post is satire or something (i.e. Ironically making fun of the way people always criticize Austin).

Not going for a 47 yard field goal when you're down by 2 with under 3 minutes left and your kicker regularly hits from 50+? There is not a football coach in North America who would have made that decision.

But there are many coaches who would have gone 2nd and four and then maybe 3rd and 2 or 1 !


Had they gone for the first down and not made it - and then Ottawa run out the clock and we lost by two - there would be hell to pay for Austin. OF COURSE you try the field goal in that situation!

I have never been on here criticizing Austin until now. You kick a field goal to go up by 1 with 2 and a half minutes to go. This is the CFL, not the NFL. This is a boat load of time for Burris to move the ball back into field goal range, all the while draining the clock. Yes, Maher is a solid field goal kicker but 47 is not automatic for any kicker especially a young one such as Maher. Why not go for 3rd and 4?
I have seen a pattern of Austin being, in my opinion, way to conservative. How many two-point conversions has he gone for this year? I do not know the exact number but my education guess is less than 5 times. The good teams routinely try two-point conversions and get them most of the time. i.e., Calgary.

Agree. The OP is complaining that Austin doesn't trust his guys? He certainly trusted Maher to make a very makeable FG.

Had they gone for the first down and not made it - and then Ottawa run out the clock and we lost by two - there would be hell to pay for Austin. OF COURSE you try the field goal in that situation!

Tough to run the clock out with 2 and a half minutes. You need first downs to do it. Our defense was playing better in the second half and shut down Ott a few times on 2 and outs.

I would rather Austin take a chance and miss it than leave us wondering if they could have gotten it. No way this Cat team gets to the big dance without being able to make 3rd and 4. This Cat team has so much talent, let them play. Trust them to get 4 yards. I guess next time Maher attempts a 47 yarder, you might have some doubt as to the outcome.

There are two posters here that can't football. Seriously.

If you don't make that play, then Ottawa is in THE SAME FRIGGIN' FIELD POSITION!!! You saw what happened on their last drive. The Defence pooped the bed. IMHO, the exact same thing would have happened.

Of course you go for the FG. ANY chance you have to take the lead late in the game you go for it...

Up until that point, our porous defense had only given up one big play in the second half. Not sure what your first line meant?!?!
I never said that you don't take points when you can but in this situation, a risk might be in order. The bigger picture is the pattern of overly conservative play calling by Austin. No one has answered my question on how many 2 point conversions have Cats gone for this year? I can count on one hand the number. I cannot predict what will happen just like you cannot predict that the defense "poops the bed". They could stop them, get the ball back and march it back into field goal range again, this time hopefully closer.
Also, if we go for a two point convert on any of our previous TD's, do we need that last field goal to win the game? Again, risk, reward. Trusting your players! Are the players limited in what they can do? I think not! It is a very talented bunch of ball players out there. Are they being allowed to play to their capabilities? is play-calling too conservative?
As an aside, is your point better made by yelling at me? :smiley:

Agree on that. :thup: :thup: They had enough turnovers already and didn't need to turn the ball over on downs! The D couldn't get a stop on that final drive.

I am not surprised that my questions were not answered.

One final question, what if they run the ball on 2nd and 4 and then on 3rd down if necessary to get the first down and get it? Cats can run the clock down and get the FG and win the game. Again, risk, reward! Not happening in Cat land under Austin!
Does this mean I don't know the game? Or have never played it? Both are false! :smiley:

You are exactly right , I have been advocating the same thing in other threads and have been torched by other posters , Massoli could have rolled out on 2nd down and had options , but it did not happen . The field goal even if made would not have prevented Hank from coming back. They had to make first downs and burn the clock and hopefully make a TD........................... But what do I know or so I am told .

I'd be willing to bet you a lot of money that on this night, Oct 14 2016, Ottawa could have and would have run out the final two and a half minutes of the clock. Shall we say ... $10,000?

Let's do it. No risk, no reward.

(Please don't anyone ruin this for me by explaining to him how I know)

lol. Well, I know you aren't an English teacher...
Now, I am new to this forum thing and it appears as though you are a regular here and everyone knows you. You might even be a coach on the team or affiliated with the Cats at some level. As I said, first time here and thought I was among fellow fans that would engage in friendly conversation but I was wrong and this will be my first and last post. You, my friend present as very angry and confrontational in the pursuit of making your point. I guess that comes with my impression that you are out here all the time (everyone knows who you are...). I wonder if other people here have experienced your "my opinion is the right one and anyone that disagrees with me is an idiot and open to ridicule and mockery" approach to discussion. In my world, I fire bullies of this attitude, those that are not open to other ideas and opinions and respectful of those that share them.

Now, in terms of this wager. I am doing the math. 150 seconds of time (rough estimate), Cats have a time-out and Ott. has the ball. How do they possibly run the clock out with 3 downs and no first downs achieved?

$10000? Because you do not know who I am or my means, it is not fair to take the bet. Simply put, I don't need the money in the slightest and I have learned early on in my position, not to take the bait on silly things such as this. I made my money using wisdom not in the company of fools.
I will say this; If Cats had run the ball on 2nd and 4, based on the law of averages, they would have gotten the 4 yards. If not on 2nd and 4, more likely on 3rd down. We shall never know, because they went for the "sure" field goal. We all know how that turned out. lol
So, in the end, you win and you can go back to your online groupie and enjoy the banter. Growing up in the Hammer and experiencing the hostile confines of Ivor Wynne (from the Cats side of the revelry), I now know what it feels like to be on the visitors side of things. Thanks "Expat" for rolling out the red carpet of welcome to a fellow fan. Unfortunately, you have reinforced the stereotype that CFL fans from other teams have of "Cat Fans" despite my presentation of to the contrary.
Good day and God bless

The 2nd and 4 play, should have been a simple pitch and catch, it wasn't a bad play, it was bad execution of the play!
The pitch part was hurried and high, the catch part although high, the receiver still got his hands on it but couldn't bring it in.
Hence the 3rd and 4, In this case, you kick the field goal, poor execution again, not a poor decision!

Nobody feels worse than Maher for missing

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#Ticats K @brett_maher "I feel sick to my stomach and like I let everyone in the room down. Hopefully, I'll have another opportunity." #CFL

As far as risks taken by Austin
I have seen Austin call plays this season on 3rd and short this season that were 30 yard completions and some for TD's

Grover , even if the FG was good , Hank still would have been able to march down the field which he indeed did . They needed to run the ball on second down , (and keep the clock moving )something they were doing very well all night , and then if they did not acheve the first down , possibly go for it on 3rd down .

First downs and clock management were paramount at this juncture of the game , cause as we all know our secondary has issues and can't stop anybody, especially on final drives of games .

So you are saying, even if the FG was good , Hank still would have been able to march down the field which he indeed did
if we make the field goal and get a stop we win, we didn't make the field goal and we didn't get a stop. We lost.
I know, some of our secondary sucks(Keon Raymond is awesome by the way)
I certainly do understand what you are saying about the 2nd and 4 play, 2 running plays to get 4 yards, but, poor execution on the running plays could have happened too, a fumble, a penalty, etc.
If in that case, if you tried 2 running plays and did not make it, and turned the ball over on downs, we would have all completely freaked out!
And at 3rd and 4, going for the field goal to take the lead, was the right call, just poor execution.
And to think we get to do it all over again next week!

Come on folks. Ottawa marched down the field with no problem, and rubbed salt in the wounds by kneeling not once but twice on the one yard line to end the game.

Attacking other fans may help you feel better, and vent some anger, but that field goal miss was meaningless. Plus, if you are so sure we could have gotten the first down yardage on that third down, how do we explain not getting it on second.

Forget the what ifs - we played a decent game, from the opening whistle, but were beaten by a better team on this particular night.

:D :D :D

Now that kneeling down on the last 2 plays has a very slight possibility of coming back to hurt them, still a possibility but a slim one (too many stars need to line up)