No respect

:? :? , I love how edmonton gets no respect, we are the most covited organization in the CFL, we have the best fans, the best stadium, the best players and always the best team, but time and time again fans from around the CFL always hates us disrespect us, and also those easterners on friday night football, i know why all of u organizations, ALS,ROUGHIES,LIONS. are jealous of us, everyone hates the best and the best is us, so keep hating on us while we take it to BC for the cup, any other eskimo fans notice the blatant dis respect we get

Anything to make you happy. :wink:

Dude, your embarrassing the rest of the Esks fans with that post.

I am glad an Eks fan said that.
Maybe he will realise it comming from you.

Well you wont get much respect by calling others respectable organisation "s...ty". Dont generalize, many people can see that Edmonton is the Jewel of the CFL crown.

I just think fans of other teams want to see the Eskimo organization have a couple of last-place seasons.

After all, they are a perennial Grey Cup contender and haven't missed the playoffs in 33 (?) seasons.

If I were a Rider fan (thank god I'm not), I would be bitter that my team got rocked all the time and actually had a reason to celebrate when they have a .500 season. No wonder Rider fans want to see us snooty Esk fans in their position for once!


i didnt mean to be rude, im just sick and tired of the friday night footbal hosts always talking about the ALS this the ALS that, u knwo we have a great team,and i alot of fans hate edmonton, canada hates the eskimos, theres always exscuses for why the eskimos are gonna . everyone always picks us to suck WHY , anyone have a reason, all i can think of is there making up supid exscuses to why we are gonna suck because there jealous.

Eskimos are the Yankees of the CFL. They are always good, and they are always paying high prices for players. (Not saying that they don't also do a pretty damn good job at recruiting and scouting, cause they do) They are very easy to Hate. I don't see why you are complaining. Yes they do talk about the Als a lot simply because over the last 5 years the Als have been better then the Esks.

.......mostly though it's because you smell like cheese........tough to respect a person when they smell like cheese........

......chrissakes GoEskGo and Eskjebus take this dude out around the corner of the barn and beat him solidly........what kind of whining is this?.......I would expect an EE fan to stand up and say 'I don't give a crap what the rest of you think, we're the best and your gonna have to deal with it'........not 'boo hoo, why does everyone hate us?" (sniff).......................

Maybe it's time for the Esks to be the New York Rangers of the CFL. Also, if you didn't notice it, the Yanks aren't doin too hot this year. Sure they bought a few championships, but now they're turning into the Rangers.

Man I hate the Rangers.

First of all, you did embarrass yourself. As for the Esks getting no respect, you obviously don't listen well. The whole damn country knows the Eskimos have the best organization in the country. As a Rider fan, I don't like admitting it, but the Esks are a model franchise, even if they are the Yankees of the CFL as was said earlier.

Of course others want Edmonton to finish last once or twice. For the same reason some people want to see Hamilton, Saskatchewan and Ottawa finish first once in a while. It's called parity. It makes the league exciting for all fans, regardless of who they cheer for.

timo, u should be happy sask can even afford jerseys, and have a team

See, comments like that certainly don't boost the appearance of some Esk fans to outsiders. Dummy up. If you can't take it, don't dish it out.

.........I see you are doing an especially good job of endearing yourself to others here RnR.........

whos 0-1 redandwhite, ohhh yah calagry and tht bad touchdown dance, jermaine and the rest of your receiving corps, maybe try practicing football, instead of endzone dances and maybe you will get to the endzone a little more, was burris cooking before the game because it looked liek he had some pam on his hands during the game

Is this the reincarnation of gadescup???????? :twisted:

........pam......that's actually not bad, brought a smirk to my face........but yet agian we have to bear witness to a witless turnip who figures that best way to notoriety is through abrasive and foul language........try using your brain RnR to come up with something, oh I dunno, intelligent?.......

.......and the 0-1 poke.......yup, thats what the record book will say........but I was there and saw what was the joke of the CFL last year go 60 minutes against the GC Champs and probably should have won.........and while a W would have been better than a L there was much to be pleased we'll see ya on Labour Day, hopefully you can stay sober for maybe three quarters before Calgary's Finest haul your a$$ off to Precinct 4.......

Excellent, RedandWhite - plain excellent.

Whoa, whoa, WHOA!! First of all, "Nealon"? I contend that you are a Riders fan attempting(weakly, I might add) to thwart the good name of the kayaking Eskimos!! No can do...

Secondly, ANY dude with any class will come up with better smack than that, brotha! And secondly....chill, dog! Hey, do you know what they call a quarter ponder with cheese in Montreal? A ROYALE with cheese...mutha f%cka! We're talking class, bra!

anyway, back to earth...the lack of respect is strictle due to the success on the field and off. DOn't hate them...imagine what this league COULD be like...

I believe you Eski-Moses. I am certain RUNnealonRUN is a Rider fan.

Actually, if the truth be known, R & W, BigDave, Supertoe, Hello there, Blackade,
"the real Try Wedstwood," and Eski-Moses are really rider fans in disguise too! :roll: