No Respect For Canadian University Draft

Funny to see in the media the coverage given Western player Vaughn Martin being drafted into the NFL yesterday.
This same media doesn't give CIS football the time of day, until one of its players gets the American seal of approval that is.
Until then they're considered second rate and basically ignored.
95% of our media wouldn't have known Vaughn Martin two months agao if they ran over him.
Now though that he;s been drafted by the hallowed NFL, they're falling all over themselves to get interviews.
Meanwhile other Canadian who don't get the American seal of approval will be basically ignored when the CFL draft occurs.
Because they won't be considered worthy.
Sad, but true. And it has to change.

...won't change...congrats to Vaughn Martin....

It's not completely the media's fault. If Canadians in general paid more attention to the CIS, so would the media. The irony is that few give the CIS much respect or credit, yet it has produced many credit worthy players over the years. My feeling is that football people know the real story. That's why they scout there in the first place.

Its a longshot he makes the roster being a fourth round pick and depending on his defense a 3-4 would do him good.Why couldnt he come too the cfl until 2011?

This is just like hockey a few years back when people compared europeans, americans to canadian players, with canadian players being better, but now look at Detroit and other teams. By the way, how does the CIS compare to the NCAA and other US divisions. Would like to know the quality level comparisons. Also is the CIS getting better year by year?. thanks.

It's not even close, the gap probably widens every year, if anything. The money the u.s colleges put in to their programs are in the tens of millions. Which they pay their coaches huge amounts of dollars or put into recruiting. If a u.s. college team makes a bowl game,the money they get from the networks is more than the entire payroll for the CFL.
Not to say we don't have some talent up here, we just lack the coaching , training time and MONEY to get some of our best to the next level. When Canadians get a chance to play u.s. college ball,they usually struggle early,as they are playing catch up, during camp. Also the population difference is another huge factor .It's at least 20 : 1 , u.s. registered football players to Canada.

Not a lot people can do, most are influenced by the big money leagues, fans and media that is. There aren't as many people interested in players that don't make it to the big money leagues. Yes, us CFL fans end up getting quite familiar with some very decent Canadian talent that plays in the CFL and we respect these guys. But we are in the minority because the players play in the CIS for the most part or small NCAA schools, not much you can do. The media doesn't have a mission other than to do what they have to do to cater to what they think the most people want, they are mainly reactive as opposed to proactive.

Oh to the contrary, your statement rpaege requires a closer review.
I agree Earl the "blame" is definitely with the media who by en large determines what "we" watch.
Based on their belief what we want to see.
Which is by en large nonsense.

Actually there is an article on this site by a former pro player who coaches in CIS saying the coaching was never better and that players in CIS should be looked at more from down south. He was saying that since they don't play in NCAA they don't get looked at. I would rather have them play up in the CFL, they need to pay their players more money, otherwise the NFL will start poaching CIS players. It is in the CFL's interest to raise the salaries somewhat to at least dissuade some. Raise the mininium CFL salary to $100,000 with max at $500,000 for QB's. At least the vets would be making around $250,000 to $350,000. Raise the salary cap to 7 million per team over the next few years. I think this would keep some players in Canada instead of maybe being training camp fodder down in NFL or back up for a few years. CFL would need to generate more revenue. ie. pay per view on satellite, CTV, overseas sales/merchandise, european t.v. contract., U.S. t.v. contract. We need to expand to 10 or 12 teams so that there are 6 teams in each division. ie. quebec, halifax,. By expansion I mean to stay only in Canada. ABSOLUTELY NO U.S. EXPANSION. We need control over our game.

We can't even expand to 9 teams,never mind 12. 10 is a more reasonable goal. Nobody is even stepping forward for the 10 th team ,so that 's even a long shot. I don't think there are 3 or 4 more markets, that a potential owner would risk investing large amounts of money. If you rush expansion and hope for the best,you will have a mess . Teams folding,moving and asking for bail outs from the league and other teams,which weakens the entire league. We need a few more Asper like, characters that will put their money where their mouth is.

On the plus side, kudos to TSN for airing the Canadian Draft again this year and trying to instill some of that enthusiasm u see with the US draft and giving our Canadian kids some props. Good to see.

Certainly argotom some nonsense for sure on this. Yes wolverine, TSN airing the draft is excellent, kids have a right to be very proud to be selected to play pro football even if the salaries in the CFL aren't gigantic. You've been chosen as one of the best and that is an honour.

Our Canadian Medias must show the example; they must cover what occurs to us in priority.

CIS is like NAIA. Emphasis on education with athletics. There is also a wide variation from 1 CIS program to another. Teams like Laval and Manitoba are run almost like pro teams and they receive a ton of alumni financial support. But there are still smaller schools like Bishops playing in the same league. I'm actually starting to think they almost need to create a division 1 CIS so even the playing field a little.

Strange thing is the NFl doesn't even really scout the CIS. If you figure they're keeping an eye on div 2 and 3 NCAA teams, they'd at least cast a glance up here a little. Last I heard either the NFL or some NFL teams have Cal Murphy on a retainer, but I don't think he actually scouts. I think they just send him out to look at a player every now and then.

What bugs me is how we're told by some up here how they feel "pride" when one of ours makes it into an American league?
Thats how they feel pride in their country? By our best and brightest leaving?
Enough already. Those people down south don't walk on water. They get their butts kicked with regularity by the rest of the world.
They got smoke in their national game, baseball, just a few weeks ago. Yet they myth they're the best continues?
Enough of the worship of those people.
And I think its a shame our best go down there to entertain them, while we're left out in the cold. Canadian football will never advance as long as our best keep leaving. I know its all about the money, but the mentality up here is quite a shame, really.

Depends what your definition of advance is. If it's to get to the point of being like division I teams in the NCAA, forget it, we don't have the population or emphasis on sport as business in universities here, and that is fine by me. Advancing to continually upgrade facilities and better coaching combined with academics first, that is fine by me. Academics if the first priority in my opinion not advancing to situations like in the US where people write your papers and exam for you if you can play football or basketball, no thanks, that is not advancing to me.

If CIS games drew the crowds then they’d get the coverage. Outside of Laval (who still doesn’t draw NCAA Div I crowds but compares very high to most of Div II) where are the fans? 3000 at a U of Calgary game when 33,000 show up for a Stampeders game? And that’s a team that won every home game they played this year.

Its such a shame, people are really missing out on a great product. I think CIS (and Junior Football, but particularly CIS) is the most under-rated sport in Canada. When I lived in Regina I had Rams tickets, who were dominating the junior leagues. It was great entertainment for about $2 a ticket. A few years later when I lived in Ottawa I would watch as many Gee Gees games as I could. Super entertainment for about $5 a tickets at that time.

And,it breaks my heart to know the East-West game will be playing without being able to watch it. I hope at least its on the internet.

We got smoked in baseball and we admit that but in terms in football with very so many countries playing it I doubt LAVAL CIS CHAMPS could match up with NCAA CHAMPS FLORIDA.Its not a knock but in the states football is king and the amount of money spent on it is crazy at the high school and college level.Its not saying the cis cant play football but in the states people in canada dont realizr that some high schools have bigger budgets and bigger stadiums and better weight rooms than CIS college football teams.I think the usa is too much football crazy instead of school work for student athletes