No regrets

Just as Kanga-Kucha stated in our forum, i have no regret in picking Winnipeg this week. you guys had that game and well came up with a loss. Woulda loved to see you guys win but oh well. Good year Winnipeg and better luck next year! (Not meaning to be mean). Kevin Glenn is great and so is Brazzel and that number 80 that played for you today. Happy Trailings! :lol:

By the way, i believe you guys lost your game for the same reason we lost ours. Both of our teams didn't utilize our best receiver at all this weekend. Thurmon and Stegall were almost unused the whole time. For us mostly i think it is our offensive co-ordinator, marcel belefeille, he is a fruit. Look what szarka did last week and he never gave him the ball once! but yea you know people in riderville are always frustrated about something, tis just our nature, but yea you guys played hard and i guess we did too, i'm glad to see that westwood kicked some through today!

I'm shearing the love! Thanks for that TSR, and your damn right, Winnipeg should use Stegall more often and not relie on Roberts so much.

80 Mister McDonald, Man that guy played amazingly well taking a good spot for Chris Bazzell. He made 6 catches for 78 yards and a TD. An Amazing TD at that. He played good adn well at the game I watched stegall an it was obvious that the argo defense watched him to against BC, and they stuck to him like glue. It would have been a aad idea to throw to the turtle man cuz well he was never open he would have goten rocked, missed the catch, or got picked off. I woud’ve loved to see him get 129 but when u get covered the way he did u just can’t do it.

Yea i guess your right, true enough, maybe the same happened for thurmon too since he had that nice game the week before. Ah well, kick some ass for the rest of the year winnipeg!

Will do best of luckto your riders

Riders in GC!!!!!!!!!!

but I want the Al's to win it all!!!!

Nice to hear from you TSR, good points all around, good luck against the stamps, hope you whip them good like they did to you guys earlier.